Cyndr Announces Kickstarter Campaign for First-Ever Motion Detection Device for Office and Gaming Spaces


Albuquerque, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2016 --Cyndr, a start-up technology company specializing in alert and notification devices, today announces the launch of their Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds for their inaugural flagship product, Sentry.

Sentry is a motion sensor device that connects via USB to a user's PC. It notifies the user when someone is behind them and has a range of 15 feet.

"We could not be more thrilled, our timing is perfect," said Cyndr spokesperson Kristen Canady. "Sentry is ready to revolutionize both offices and game rooms."

Sentry utilizes infrared technology to detect people and notify users via an alert message on their computer screen. Both the settings on Sentry and for the on-screen notifications can be customized.

Cyndr's marketing plan includes a strong emphasis on office workers, gamers, IT and network security specialists, corporate & legal compliance directors, privacy advocates and the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. All of these use cases involve individuals computing in environments that range from the highly secure to the casual, and are often immersive and detached. For those using headphones for work or gaming, the detachment can be total. And for IT directors charged with preventing "visual hacking", the device is essential for enforcing compliance standards. Canady said all these user groups are excited about Sentry.

"The contacts we've made have been so positive," Canady said. "Knowing when someone is behind you has so many benefits. Our feedback from cubicle workers and gamers was off the charts."

Kickstarter is one of the largest crowdfunding sources, helping to raise funds to launch creative projects of all kinds, from technology startups like Cyndr to film stage show and video games. Project directors dictate the amount they want to raise and a deadline to raise it by. It is an alternative to traditional investment strategies, where people pledge certain amounts to the project in exchange for certain benefits or premiums.

"We are offering a variety of incentives for pledges of all sizes," Canady said. "Crowdfunding is a great way for us to raise funds and for our friends and fans to get in on the ground floor."

Cyndr is breaking new ground with Sentry, as no similar device is currently available off the shelf. The patent for Sentry is pending, and the unit will come with additional built-in features like boss mode, where a user's screen returns immediately to the desktop when the sensor is activated.

The company's Kickstarter Campaign can be found here:

About Cyndr
Cyndr is a technology start-up based in New Mexico specializing in alert notification devices. The company has employees and associates live all over the country, with its founders and key personnel bring the highest levels of education and experience to the organization.

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