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Cyria Group Launches Two Options to Give Timeshare Owners a Legal Way out of Expensive Contracts

In a trying economy where options are a coveted currency, Cyria Group changes iron-clad contracts into opportunities. Giving answers to timeshare owners who want out of their contracts, the company relieves the headaches of ill-suited ownership.


Wasaga Beach, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2015 --Who ever thought of trading up a timeshare property like a new car? Cyria Group has. They're an innovative company that offers weary timeshare owners what they've truly always wanted - freedom. Working with timeshares from companies like RCI, one of the largest brokers of timeshare trades and travel clubs, Cyria Group thinks outside the box. They create relief from expensive timeshare maintenance fees. They also relieve the responsibility of unused vacation properties families either outgrew, became tired of, or could no longer afford.

Launched to give options in the face of seemingly ironclad agreements, Cyria Group offers two ways to get out of a timeshare contract. Sidestepping contractual inconvenience, the company helps vacationers walk into a new plan teeming with new opportunities. How so? By transferring their old timeshares via a 100% trade-in plan and securing the purchase of a new program. Without a catch, programs are seamlessly based on two options: pay as you go travel clubs or flexible mainstream timeshares.

Much easier than trying to unload a property on a resale listing site where hundreds of thousands of weeks are for sale, Cyria Group is a viable shortcut. It provides associations with affordable travel clubs which offer wholesale travel packages worldwide. Cyria Group also offers ownership associations with mainstream timeshares via timeshare transfer agreements. These agreements offer myriad resort destinations as well as travel benefit packages.

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About Cyria Group
Cyria Group exclusively offers timeshare consultation services to developers, timeshare owners, and vacation ownership resorts. With a seven-year track record, Cyria Group specifically caters to individual timeshare owners seeking relief from the financial liability of timeshare agreements. To that end, they help clients secure vacation properties through either a Travel Club or a Mainstream Timeshare trade-in.


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