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D & S Security Installs Alarm Systems in Burbank and Long Beach Homes to Promise Round the Clock Safety

A home is a haven for all, and it should be that. Installing residential burglar systems plays a good role in keeping the premises safe.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2017 --Everyone wishes for their home to be safe always. That is why taking a step towards guaranteeing the safety of one's residential property does not feel wrong. Investing in that field should not feel like a burden to anyone in that way. There are many security solutions available to the modern homeowner but the importance of installing residential alarm systems in Burbank and Long Beach can never be undermined. D & S Security is one company that can help in installing alarm systems in both residential and commercial premises.

Home security solutions have come a long way. At first, the only ones available where simple audio alarms. That was first implemented decades ago. The current systems provide amazingly diverse types of coverage, from video recorded surveillance to off-site intruder notification. D & S Security is well aware of all these changes, and they can provide the most high-tech alarm systems. Staying with time is crucial, or else there are chances of falling behind. The company has been in the top of the business, and they want to always stay a step ahead of their competitors.

As far as the alarm systems from D & S Security is concerned, they offer smartphone app and remote control system that can work together to provide detailed information should an alarm event occur at one's home. One will know what time the event occurred, what the event was (i.e., the door opened, a window opened, water leak detected), where the event occurred in the home and so much more. The homeowner can even receive a photo and/or real-time streaming video of the area that triggered the alarm so that they can determine whether or not to call the authorities.

Apart from installing alarm systems, the company also handles installation of access control systems in Anaheim and Los Angeles, commercial fire alarms, fire & life protection and water flow monitoring.

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