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Dalang Water Park Equipment Unveils New Water Slide


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2020 --Dalang Water Park Equipment has revealed its new water slide, each innovatively designed to bring more fun to all water amusement parks all over the world. This latest lineup attracts many eyeballs and is available now on

Dalang Water Park Equipment, a high-tech enterprise in China, has specialized in water slip slide since 1999. Years of efforts and experience have earned Dalang a high reputation in water park facilities industry.

In a departure from previous water slip slide, Dalang humanizes wet slides from the perspective of different sliding speed, demonstrated by safe yet thrilling bends and curves . Designed for all ages, they have been highly praised by customers from all over the world.

Opening super trumpet mainly consists of a high platform and a vast trumpet-shaped slide way. Participants feel that they are swept into weightlessness by a tornado. They descend rapidly in the tube slide and then fall into a huge, steep horn-shaped landslide. When they suddenly open their horizons and experience free fall thoroughly, every pore of their body will be filled with crazy and unforgettable tension and excitement. From bottom to bottom, the ingenious design allows participants to slide slowly into the chute and finally rush to the terminal area.

Dalang also attaches great importance to participation. Winding racing add high-speed turns to typical slide races, rendering them more exciting than ever. Participants can skate either physically of on rafts and start the race at the same time. A series of exciting slopes are designed in the middle of the twist slide. Participants will pass them one by one, and finally rush to the finish line. Participants can have more fun in competition and interaction. From the perspective of the water park, it also has a strong reception capacity, so that tourists can participate in the competition many times. The height of the slide can vary from several meters to tens of meters. The commonly used slideway has an inner width of 0.6 meters wide and can be used in combination with multiple channels.

Lively color and appearance can make the enormous amusement equipment look friendly and attractive. The pearl shell starts from a 15-meter platform entrance, and after a spiral approach, it dives down into the slide shell. Players will be thrilled by the enormous inertia that will push them from the lowest point to the highest point of the opposite climbing skateboard. When light reappears, the moment it emerges from the closed slide produces a sudden sensation of appearing on the edge of the cliff.Then participants will slide into the falling pool through the semi-circle gyration again, experiencing the "gyration" vertigo. It is one of the most popular facilities in the water park.

To prioritize safety, all products have been certified and tested by professional authorities and before the operation. Dalang constantly develops innovative water slip slides. The best water slides not only amuse children but bring joy and excitement for every visitor. Any partner who wants to grasp this first-hand sales opportunity, don't hesitate to contact Dalang, the most authoritative and reliant water park equipment manufacturer.

About Dalang
Established in 1999, Guangdong Dalang Water Amusement Park Equipment Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Dalang Group. Its manufacturing base is located in Guangzhou Industrial's Park. It adopts the most advanced five-axis CNC machine tools imported from Europe inmolding products.

Up till now, Dalang has accomplished typical projects in Asian, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. Striving to be the best global water park equipment manufacturer, Dalang devotes itself to promote International Amusement prosperity with International Enterprises.

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