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Dallas Asphalt Paving Celebrating over 45 Years in Business

Dallas Asphalt Paving is excited to announce its 45th year as the most preferred asphalt paving company in the Dallas, Texas region.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2021 --Dallas Asphalt Paving is a locally owned and operated company providing asphalt paving in Dallas. Recently they marked their 45th year in business, and they are excited to share the news and accomplishment with the residents that have helped them attain their success.

When the owner and operator founded the business well over four decades ago, he never dreamed that this was where he would be today. He stated recently, "I knew that I wanted to do something with asphalt work, and when I started this company, I was determined to be the best in the state of Texas. Now, 45 years later, I can't believe where we are. I opened the doors to Dallas Asphalt Paving with just a few pieces of equipment and a couple of guys willing to work. Now we've been recognized as the number one place to call for asphalt driveway paving, asphalt sidewalks, and all things related to our industry. I'm honored, and I couldn't be more grateful to the valuable clients that we've contracted with throughout the years."

There are other asphalt paving companies in Dallas, but none seem to possess the same credentials as this one. A quick search online uncovers a plethora of five-star reviews, awards, A+ ratings, positive feedback, and satisfied clients willing to share their experiences working with the company and crew. It could be that they provide the most protection with their one-year warranty on all services, or it might be because they have the most extended list of available options for asphalt paving work in the area.

Along with doing asphalt paving like sidewalks and driveways, they have also presented the opportunity for their clients to partner with them for the long term. When a customer has asphalt paving done, there will be a time eventually where sealcoating is required. It's how to properly maintain the surface and ensure it remains durable and undamaged for as long as it's meant to last. Instead of calling another asphalt paving company in Dallas, those happy with the initial job results are more likely to contact Dallas Asphalt Paving back to handle the project. It was another objective that the owner of the company had when he established his business.

"I get tired of chasing around different contractors all the time. Like when I have some sort of interior home improvement that needs to be completed. I prefer to work with the same company as much as possible because those are the people I am comfortable with. Plus, I've already seen their work, so I know what to expect in terms of quality. That's why it was important to me to be a full-service asphalt paving company. After this long working in the field of asphalt, I'm confident that we can handle any project." he was reported saying.

Dallas Asphalt Paving provides services to both residential and commercial clients. All of their contracts start with a qualified paving contractor doing an on-site assessment and customized estimate. The initial quote is given with no obligation, and clients are not required to pay for the service. The detailed report includes all charges from timeframe for completion to labor charges, warranty information, and the quantity of materials expected to be needed.

One of the advantages of being in the same field of work for so long is that they have worked with all varieties of asphalt materials. As a result, they've weeded out the poorer quality options and determined the most suitable asphalt structure. The asphalt paving company is reported to have some of the highest-quality asphalt paving materials available in the region. They believe, in part, it's why they get so many referrals. People know that the asphalt paving they've done isn't going to fall apart prematurely because they cut corners and used cheaper lower-quality asphalt.

They also follow a process that ensures the tightest bond. It includes demolition and removal of older materials, proper grading and sloping, preparing for the binder and laying the surface course, installing the asphalt, and finishing with butt joints and transitions before the final roll with the road roller. With 45 years of jobs behind them, people in the area have likely driven over a road, driveway, or parking lot that they've paved.

If you would like to learn more about Dallas Asphalt Paving and the exclusive list of services they provide, it's asked that you visit their new, user-friendly website for further information. There is an online quote form located there for those interested in obtaining a complimentary quote for asphalt services. Customer service can also be reached by calling their office seven days a week from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

About Team at Dallas Asphalt Paving
Dallas Asphalt Paving is a business that does all asphalt paving work located in Dallas, TX. The company was founded on the principles of treating its clients with respect, giving honest and fair assessments, and providing top-notch results for all asphalt paving work. The contractors on the crew have over 45 years of experience in everything from driveway paving to parking lot sealcoating, chip sealing, crack repair, pothole repair, and more. Services are always guaranteed and covered by a warranty against defects. The company uses high-quality, durable materials, industrial-strength equipment, and a paving method that has worked for decades. Anyone looking for an asphalt paving quote is directed to their website at https://asphaltpavingdallastx.com/. Phone calls are also accepted at (469) 405-4117.