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Dallas Chiropractor Performs Full Range of Techniques for Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Mark Harris of Trinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas uses expertise in various techniques to provide advanced treatment for a wide range of disorders and pain symptoms


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2014 --Dr. Mark Harris of Trinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas uses his expertise in a variety of modern and classic chiropractic techniques to treat patients with a wide spectrum of pain symptoms and disorders. His expert application of adjustments and care techniques results in relief and improved wellness for patients suffering from a myriad of maladies. From joint pain, subluxations and chronic soreness, to those seeking dietary guidance and better sleep, Dr. Harris’ expansive skills can provide healthy solutions pain management and injury sufferers.

Dr. Harris is trained in performing the Palmer Package techniques, which include the Diversified approach, wherein an initial analysis of the spine is followed by correction of one or more spinal bones with a targeted manual thrust. The Thompson technique is considered both a method of diagnosis and a method for minimizing the force required to adjust the spine while the patient lies on a table with drop-down sections. The Gonstead method includes a heat-sensing instrument in conjunction with an array of X-rays that reveal spinal subluxation patterns. Adjustments are done to the lower spine and pelvis while the patient lies on one side. Mid-back subluxations are treated while the patient assumes a comfortable kneeling position. While seated, the spine can be adjusted without twisting or rotating the neck. The Toggle Recoil method places the patient in a relaxed position, normally on one side. The chiropractor then applies high-speed, low-force thrusts to the upper spine. This allows the body to absorb that energy and displace it naturally to “reset” spinal joints.

The Palmer Package, in addition to other techniques like the Pettibon technique for anterior adjustments, the Activator Technique and more targeted Extremity Adjustments, allow Dr. Harris and his team to treat pain the right way, applying the right technique to any situation. Dr. Harris has been using his expertise in pain management and wellness at his Dallas chiropractic practice for over 30 years. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Trinity Mills Chiropractic also provides comprehensive nutritional counseling and advanced treatment for auto accident injuries. To learn more about Trinity Mills, visit them online at