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Dallas Chiropractors at Trinity Mills Chiropractic Focus on Relieving Back and Neck Pain from Car Accidents

Trinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas, TX, creates individualized therapy programs for people who have been in auto accidents and now suffer from back or neck pain


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 --Trinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, develops specialized treatment programs for people who have been in auto accidents and now suffer from back or neck pain. They have found in many cases that permanent and lasting pain relief is possible through non-surgical means, even following a severe accident. The treatment of whiplash and other car crash–related injuries should be overseen by a chiropractor with experience in the field.

The chiropractors at Trinity Mills create unique treatment plans based on an individual’s specific health concerns. “First, we do a thorough review of a patient’s overall health and well being,” said a staff member at Trinity Mills Chiropractic. “Then we come up with a personalized program designed to make them feel better all the time and get rid of their pain.” This philosophy is used when treating car crash victims as well as people suffering from a variety of other pain conditions.

Chiropractic clinics often work hand-in-hand with nutritionists, massage therapists, and fitness instructors to give patients access to a well-balanced course of whole-body therapy. “We teach everyone routine stretches and exercises they can do at home to work as natural pain relievers,” said a Trinity Mills Chiropractic staff member. “Natural forms of pain management tend to last longer and offer additional health benefits you wouldn’t get from medication.”

It’s not uncommon for symptoms related to car accidents to show up weeks or even months after a person is involved in a crash. Anyone experiencing recurring headaches, reduced flexibility, or back and neck stiffness is advised to consult with a chiropractor. Trinity Mills Chiropractic offers free pain management consultations for new patients. Visit today to learn more.