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Ahmad Baari's Bio Hacking Fitness Training Tips Now on Self Magazine

The March edition of the magazine is to feature training tips used with Actress Gabrielle Union. The fitness program generates result in three weeks


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2014 --Ahmed Baari, the renowned fitness trainer and a proponent of Biohacking Fitness Training whose client includes actress Gabrielle Union, will now share the tips that he had given her. The much-discussed strategy will be published in the March edition of the Self Magazine.

Ahmed Baari observed that in Fitness Training programs motivation plays a very important role. In an interview with the team of Self magazine he says, “Creating a motivational environment could facilitate easy results but it has to be preceded by analyzing the mindset of the incumbent before starting the fitness program. This coupled with healthy habits will definitely show up. Once success is achieved, the self-confidence increases and the person will strive to continue and reach the next level. It is a self-propelled model. ”

Maintaining continuity of any Fitness Training is the biggest challenge. To keep a person motivated throughout the program is the goal of the famous trainer Ahmed Baari. He lays a lot of stress on the psychological aspects and believes in results, which is the best way to keep the trainee motivated. He has devised strategies of measurement too, which will also feature in the Self magazine.

“Developing habits that give results and creating a DamhasHacked environment is the solution that I have found to ensure consistency. Continuous adjustment of self-imposed standards, getting rid of low expectations and being in the company of overachievers could generate positive motivational vibes in the trainee’s mind,” he adds.

A satisfied fitness freak appreciates the regularity of training that he has been able to achieve using the Biohacking technique “I have learned to take up a healthy habit of my choice. I spent time in tracking the progress, at the end of three weeks was able to fix one for myself, and made it a part of my normal lifestyle. It has worked wonders for me.”

The training videos of Gabrielle Union, the tips about which will appear in the Self Magazine will highlight the techniques of how to keep a tab on one’s mindset so that the alarm bell starts ringing at the point of quitting. This is best achieved through Biohacking and results can be expected in 21 days.

About Ahmed Baari
Ahmed Baari is a fitness trainer with a difference, who emphasizes the role of people’s mindset in Fitness Training and has devised Biohacking strategies that prevents drop out from Fitness Training programs. For more information, visit http://damhashacked.com

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