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Daniel Strasel Announces His Newest Book: Without Rest - a Tale of Love and Madness

New book by author Daniel Strasel, “Without Rest” is a tale about gods and heroes, love and madness.


Umatilla, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2020 --'Without Rest' is a book that explains exactly what it takes to be a hero. It's not a book about romance, but it redefines love. This playful and philosophical romp amongst gods and heroes is Strasel's 5th book, and carries with it his same unique style and narrative that so many have come to love.

In a moment of passion, a lovesick god willingly fails and breaks the divine law. Desperate to nourish and cultivate his renegade love, he searches for the answers to the questions on his heart. Told that he must go to the darkest place in all creation, and that only there will he gain what he needs in order to succeed, he does not hesitate in beginning his dread adventure. When he later finds himself in such a place, he does indeed achieve the means to win his love forever…although he did not fully understand the cost.

In the mortal realm, an unlikely group of would-be heroes find themselves hunted by powers they cannot possibly hope to overcome. Captured and taken to a place where sanity is a commodity, they keep their spirits high by helping those around them as they look for a missing companion. While they are searching, they discover—much to their surprise—that they are in the middle of a secret fight amongst the gods.

In the end, love is both triumphant and forsaken in this charming, yet mordant tale of gods and heroes.

The author said of the book, "I just wanted to make some art. I hope you like it."

About Daniel Strasel
Daniel Strasel was born in September 1973. He has been writing and publishing for the past 8 years, prior to which he spent nearly 2 decades in hands-on management. Author, artist, painter, poet, philosopher, composer, photographer, publisher, developer, server, and friend. See his entire artistic portfolio at Mirroranium.com.


Daniel Strasel

Without Rest by Daniel Strasel
Publication Date: September 21, 2020 6 x 9 Softcover $18 E-Book $2.99 ISBN: 978-1-947052-96-3 304 pages