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Danielle Truitt and David A.R. White Earn Praise for Their TV, Movie Roles


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2018 --Actors Danielle Truitt and David A.R. White recently earned raves for their portrayals on TV and movies: Truitt for her breakout performance in the police drama series REBEL which premiered on BET, and White for his starring role in the movie God's Not Dead: A Light In Darkness. Both actors are practitioners of The Heller Approach to acting, and worked with top Hollywood acting coach Brad Heller, the approach's creator.

The show REBEL follows the travails of Rebecca "Rebel" Knight (Truitt): a tough, smart Oakland detective who is respected for her being able to solve more cases of homicide than any of her contemporaries. She is forced to quit from the force and become a private investigator after she becomes embroiled in a criminal investigation by internal affairs for an incident involving the death of her younger brother. REBEL features events that resonate with current issues such as police brutality. The show's lead star, Danielle Truitt convincingly flexes her dramatic prowess, as well as her ability to do action scenes.'s review of REBEL written by Aramide Tinubu described Truitt as being "Like a modern day female Shaft draped in exquisite clothing, Truitt's Rebel is the sensational foundation on which this entire series sits. Bold, brash and unapologetic, she wields her weapons and badge like white men in power have done for centuries. Petite and powerful, Truitt's presence immediately commands attention when she steps into a room."

In God's Not Dead: A Light In Darkness, White stars as Reverend David Hill, the pastor of the local St. James Church found at Hadley University in Hope Springs. The film follows the clashing principles of the University's Board Members and the local Christians who hope to save their church from being shut down. Variety magazine gave the film a good review, but accorded special distinction to White, who got a glowing review for his acting chops. The article, written by Owen Glieberman states: "As the reverend, David A.R. White, who is one of the film's producers, gives a quietly good and original performance, portraying this man of the cloth not as a typical movie crusader but as a sexy-dumpy middle-aged slacker for God." The film opened in a big way at over 2,400 theaters on its opening weekend.

Both Truitt and White studied under Professor Brad Heller, one of the top acting coaches in Hollywood and proponent of The Heller Approach: a "Non-Method" approach to acting. The Heller Approach relies on Muscle Memory and the twin phases of Preparation and Execution in order to allow actors to portray their roles in a fun and effective way. "Brad is a really giving and great teacher. He helps me stay "real" for all my auditions. As well as helps me keep my work human and real but also entertaining. One of his gifts is teaching comedy – the tools I must know for sit – Com's and comedic films. Now audience laughs exactly where I want them to. His lessons are a must to any actor." White shares in his testimonial. Truitt, in her testimonial, states: "Brad is an amazing teacher. He really helps you believe in yourself while challenging you to be great and not just good. His teaching definitely gave me that extra push I needed, and prepared me to book the jobs I always dreamed of getting. Thanks Brad!"

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About Danielle Mone Truitt
Danielle Moné Truitt is an accomplished actor, single and dancer: a true triple threat who had her start in the theater, but eventually landed work for TV, and most notably, in Academy Award-nominated animated film The Princess and the Frog.

About David A.R.White
David A. R. White is an actor, director, and producer who co-founded the production company Pure Flix. He started out playing roles on TV, and eventually transitioned into producing and starring in films with 1999's The Moment After. He has starred in over 20 films to date, and continues to work on producing movies and also content for

About Brad Heller
Brad Heller became infatuated with acting began when he was a pre-med student at the University of California in San Diego. He earned his theatre degree at the Boston University School of Theatre Arts. Brad studied under the tutelage of Don Richardson. As the owner and teacher of The Heller Approach Acting Studio, Brad's students include David White, Masi Oka, and Judge Reinhold. As an actor, he has appeared in shows such as Criminal Minds and Leverage. He also is a series regular actor on the hit Pureflix Show 'Malibu Dan', having appeared in 23 episodes of the sitcom. And just this past week, guest starred on the critically acclaimed hit Amazon show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (which just received 14 Emmy Nominations). It is abundantly clear that Brad Heller uses The Heller Approach in his own career as an actor regularly.

About The Heller Approach
The Heller Approach to acting has been described as "non-Method" acting. Instead of using a personal experience in order to inform one's acting, the method relies on Muscle Memory and the two phases of Preparation and Execution to ensure a convincing portrayal that is organic and not physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing.

About The Heller Approach Acting Studio
The Heller Approach Acting Studio is regarded as one of the foremost acting schools in the country. It offers a comprehensive acting curriculum that includes items such as Styles of Entertainment, Believability, and Cold Read/Audition Technique. The school also provides distance learning with acting lessons via Skype.

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