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DAP & REITs Chain Ascend the NASDAQ


Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/06/2020 --According to the latest news, at 10:30 a.m. on June 29, 2020, the Singapore DAP group and its well-known real estate public REITs Chain were crowned the "world's first screen" in New York Times Square - Nasdaq main screen. London Stocks Exchange DAP Group Stock Exchange LSE code is DAPP.

The shining star in Times Square should be the Nasdaq screen, known as the "world screen", represents success and wealth, which makes millions of Chinese enterprise eager to try. All of them want to climb the extraordinary "world screen" and thirst to get closer to the top of the world. It is understood that the REITs Chain real estate public Chain of DAP Group in Singapore is more forward-looking. Holders of the REITs Chain Pass can enjoy intelligent lease renewal and rental income, circulation, and use of the pass within the ecology of timesharing hotels, homestay facilities, and tourism real estate, and use the blockchain technology to achieve real estate property rights certification. It is characterized by small amount and dispersion, low investment threshold, shortened project cycle, flexible hedging against risks in the stock market and currency market, etc. It also has the characteristics of second-level trading and no limit on deposit and withdrawal.

Currently, the REITs Chain has established strategic cooperation with several capitals and institutions, forming close alliances. Among them, PBANK, Dade capital, MODULUS, Cointraders, GREATPERCENT, SE Digital, and DAP are all the well-known platform institutions. This shock exhibition is of important milestone significance for DAP and its real estate REITs Chain to jointly register, and it has aroused wide global attention.

About DAP
DAP is a decentralized public digital asset chain and is fully open source. It is the fastest, most efficient, and innovative access for global asset digitization. DAP is developing a smart contract platform designed to provide advanced features than any public chain developed in the past. In a few years, we believe that the application of blockchain and the emergence of the "millennial" consumer market, the business model of traditional enterprises would require a comprehensive digital strategic transformation so that more enterprises will have a place in the future capital market competition. DAP would help breathe new life to traditional enterprises by helping them customize better digital solutions.