Dapper to Launch an App to Connect Fashion Enthusiasts and Designers

Dapper will enable fashion aficionados to share their unique styles with other users while also allowing Designers to showcase their creations


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2019 --[Los Angeles, California, July 18th—] Dapper is a new fashion lover-driven app that will connect fashion enthusiasts with each other as well as with top brands. The creators of the app are now calling interested users to sign up for the app's pre-launch at https://dapper.fashion/email.

Early subscribers will gain early access to the platform once it launches and will receive an invitation to download Dapper days before it is launched on Apple's App Store and on Google Play.

Dapper will enable fashion enthusiasts to share their unique styles with others while also allowing Designers to showcase their creations. In this manner, it will serve legacy fashion houses and established brands in a bid to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

"Dapper's edge in the competitive fashion and app markets is the fact that it brings together both the casual and enthusiast to solicit ideas within a supportive community," Peter Chen, Dapper's Founder said. "They don't need to be renowned fashion influencers. They just need to have a will to share their style with others, who can also contribute ideas and constructive feedback to increase the confidence of fellow users," Mr. Chen added.

Another feature that the app offers is a seamless, integrated experience with Designers, who can showcase their collections in the app, allowing users to fully create their own styles from the collections that they make available. Alternatively, users can also create styles both partially or exclusively from their own wardrobes.

"For Designers, Dapper provides an additional outlet to create and enhance their brand awareness, which translates into additional sales opportunities because the community can experiment with the Designers' pieces and solicit the community's feedback. In short, this provides the Designers a powerful way to drive brand awareness in the palm of user's hands," Chen said.

Up-and-coming Designers can also use Dapper as a platform to help them to break through traditional entry barriers into the fashion market. "Whether the Designer is from a century-old Fashion House or new to the scene, Dapper is a refreshing gateway that welcomes the collections of new fashion talents. This is intended to promote entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation as much as it intends to benefit users who will have an unparalleled way of seeing, trying and getting feedback on clothing and accessories from a wide universe of fashion creators," Chen detailed.

Dapper is on track to publish its initial product in Fall 2019, and its creators are refining their final touches to the platform. However, it doesn't stop there, once the app goes live, many interesting features will start to be incorporated because its creators are already looking three years ahead.

"There are so many other disruptive details that Dapper can offer in terms of value-added experience to the user and to the Designer community," Dapper's Founder further stated.

Peter Chen, Dapper's Founder, is a seasoned professional in the consumer retail and hospitality industries, an experience which informed his business idea to create Dapper.

"When I was working on various development projects at Westfield, I was exposed to Westfield's various flagship shopping centers going through billion-dollar renovations. I was able to observe the experience that modern, luxury shopping centers want to bring to its guests. Purchasing has become secondary behind bringing in the community together with the shopping center as the catalyst. Dapper definitely takes a cue from that," Peter Chen commented.

His team's vision is to create a community to expand on one of the most overlooked but possibly most important task that people do every day as part of their routine: to be fashionably confident.

Their "secret sauce" is really based on hospitality as their core value and they believe it will prove to be the key factor to Dapper's long-term success as a brand.

The team has closely scrutinized every feature of the app on how it would serve both the user and Designer along with its value proposition.

"It's so easy during the development process to fall in love with the app, but we continue to be customer focused and move forward with how it would benefit them and worry about ourselves second," Peter Chen says.

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Dapper is a platform for brilliant young models, designers, and anyone else with an eye for style to share their work. With Dapper, users can find the pieces they have been searching for and also showcase their own ideas to a community of like-minded, savvy individuals. Dapper offers access to the latest trends in haute couture and the most exciting voices in fashion from across the globe. It is the ultimate online fashion experience, thanks to its three core features: Find. Create. Connect.

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