DataSciencx Is Helping Restaurants, Franchises and Hotels Grow, Using Their Data, for Free


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2021 --DataSciencx is Helping Restaurants Grow, Using Their Data, For Free

DataSciencx is offering cost-free solutions to restaurant chain executives and multi-unit franchisee operators, so they can analyze their once fragmented data and make informed marketing decisions to help grow their business.

"We take a restaurant's data and organize it into an easy to understand Dashboard that'll increase operations and transparency," said Robert Edwards, Director of Marketing at DataSciencx. "With a clear snapshot of the key metrics, and powered by our partner Zenreach, we use our platform to digitally advertise and market restaurants to the right customer demographic who we already know will love what the restaurant offers. The best part is we do so at a very reasonable's free!"

According to the International Data Corporation, restaurants and franchises analyze only 10% of the data they collect. Customer data is a major key to a restaurant's success and can help increase customer retention and acquisition.

"Businesses already have the right equipment and flow of data. It's all been stored on the backend of their website or in their point-of-sale (POS) systems, sitting dormant." said Edwards.

With the help of DataSciencx, restaurants can now take advantage of their valuable data and streamline day-to-day operations. And, the process is easy! DataSciencx offers clients free services like custom branded photography, videography and drone content creation, data organization and display, and POS and Zenreach services, to help them grow and reach their valuable customers.

"I always tell businesses that it's your data. It won't grow mold if you leave it alone, but it could turn into gold with the right tools and strategies. Making smart data-based decisions will help make your business operate a lot smoother and their customers will be a lot happier.", stated Edwards.

As restaurants navigate a post-pandemic world, data will be more important now than ever to reach and attract existing and new customers. Restaurants are starting to bounce back from last year's Covid setback. Data-driven marketing and sales will help set restaurants using the DataSciencx platform apart from and ahead of their competition.

About DataSciencx
DataSciencx is an Information Technology Company, headquartered in Irvine, CA. We empower business owners and their marketing teams to uncover, organize and understand their overlooked, fragmented and previously untapped data sources. Our goal is to help businesses win more sales by solving the madness of misinformation with powerful data that creates a digital walkway to bring customers through their doors.

Contact: Robert Edwards
Partner/National Marketing Director