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David Cameron Cannot Prove Holidays Will Be More Expensive by Leaving the EU Says UK Airport Car Parks

The Prime Minister has said holidays for British holidaymakers will become more expensive if the UK leaves the EU. However, UK Airport Car Parks has said there is no proof leaving the EU would be bad for the travel industry and believes David Cameron is using scare tactics to get his own way.


Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2016 --Since it was announced the United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum is to take place on Thursday, 23 June 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of using scare tactics to convince people to vote to stay in the EU. Knowing how important holidays are to the British Public, he has claimed holidays and travel around the world would become more expensive. However, one leading travel company has said they disagree. UK Airport Car Parks who help people find low-cost car parking at UK airports by comparing all the best prices has said they is no firm proof holidays will go up in price.

David Cameron, who said leaving the EU, could put jobs at risk, increase the prices of goods, as well as make flights and holidays more expensive has not come forward to explain his remarks. While David Cameron fellow Conservative Boris Johnson has made a compelling argument for leaving the EU, the Prime Minister has failed to convince people with his scare tactics.

The airport car parking experts who have become one of the most recommended companies for cutting the cost of parking at an airport has said it's a sad state of affairs for a Prime Minister to use scare tactics.

Chris Fryer said: "The Prime Minister went to negotiate a better deal to convince the British Public to stay in the EU. He went to Brussels to get that big Sunday dinner with all the trimmings, but came back with little chicken bones nobody wanted."

UK Airport Car Parks decided to ask one hundred people if they believed holidays would be more expensive if the UK left the EU; 85 per cent said no. The airport parking experts asked the same 100 people if they would vote to leave the EU, 62 per cent said yes, 20 per cent said no, and the remainder said they did not have enough information to make a choice. With these figures it seems David Cameron has to do a lot more work to convince the voter to stay in the EU.

The recent remarks of holiday prices increasing has left some people worried that they may be true, but UK Airport Car Parks has said there is no need to panic as the Prime Minister has not been able to back up his claims.

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