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Davies Media Group Launches International Thriller STEINBURG on British Airwaves

Political Thriller Reveals a Dangerous Ambition of One of Hollywood's Elite


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2015 --Davies Media Group has partnered with London based AudioBookRadio for a four-month commitment raising the curtain of one of Hollywood's most memorable players. Sidney Eli Steinburg steps on the world stage right on cue in Douglass K. Davies' hard hitting thriller, Steinburg: The Road to Amsterdam, handing listeners VIP passes into the ivory towers of Steinburg's empire, sweeping audiences into a world of movie making gusto not seen since the likes of Selznick and DeMille.

The one-hour format presents the audiobook, voiced by Dennis Kleinman, as its core content with themed interviews and commentary by host, Ghizela Rowe, former BBC journalist.

"We've entered into discussions with syndicators to broaden the release into Europe and North America," Davies said. "The format is unique, the book is very international and the programs are engaging. Feedback from listeners have been consistently gratifying. In the long term the franchise has been designed as a top shelf mini-series for television. Rolling it out as a syndicated radio product throughout Europe and North America before the book has been published was a bit out of the box, but we saw it as a viable way to establish the Steinburg brand and validate audience reception before entering into negotiations with major publishers and the networks."

The charismatic Steinburg in reality is a complicated man, an enigma even to his closest friends. The movie executive's story begins in war-torn Europe in the midst of WWII with the German invasion of Amsterdam in late 1940 and the months shortly thereafter, laying the groundwork for Steinburg's contemporary life in Hollywood — a life rife with plot twists and international intrigue as the iconic media executive finds himself ensnared in a dangerous matrix of power and risk.

Penned by award winning writer, Douglass K. Davies, the fast moving suspense-thriller transports listeners from the beaches of Malibu and the ivory towers of Hollywood into the jaded lairs of the powerful in Washington D.C. and Western Europe. Steinburg is relentless, filled with unexpected twists and turns as Steinburg navigates an intricate web of international and political intrigue.

Packed with Steinburg's special brand of hutzpah, Steinburg: The Road to Amsterdam provides readers with a rare portal into his world, an intriguing mix of classic and contemporary Hollywood.

The audiobook is narrated by Dennis Kleinman known as "the world voice" for his eloquent British delivery and sophisticated international flair which transcends national borders.

The sixteen one-hour programs will run from September 29th through January 14th, 2016 airing every Tuesday, repeating on Wednesday and Thursday at 7am, 3pm and 11pm British Standard Time.

The audiobook is currently on sale at the publisher's site: http://douglassdavies.com

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