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Dawn J. Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Interviews Wayne Allyn Root, Politician and Author


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/09/2016 --BENNETT: This is Dawn Bennett with Wayne Allyn Root. He's here again. He's the author of The Power of Relentlessness: 7 Secrets to Achieving Mega-Success, Financial Freedom, and the Life of Your Dreams. In 2008, Root was the vice-presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket. Since then he has been a regular on Fox News and hundreds of local and national radio shows. This past week, Root wrote a piece titles 'It's Trump or the End of America' which was a very fascinating and exciting title. Since Election Tuesday is here so soon, I think this is the perfect place to start. Wayne, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

ROOT: Hello, Dawn, how are you?

BENNETT: Good. I love the title of your piece, 'It's Trump or the End of America,' but I also think it's pretty terrific how you started it. Would you mind if I read the first paragraph and a half to our listeners?

ROOT: Sure. Go ahead. Be my guest.

BENNETT: 'I wrote a book called Angry White Male that had nothing with race. It simply was my personal testimony. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm an S.O.B., son of a butcher. I was raised as a white middle class kid in the greatest country in the world. I was taught by my wonderful, true red, white and blue patriotic, salt of the earth American parents that certain specific things made America great. And here they are: faith in God, prayer, love of country, family and belief in American exceptionalism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, Constitution, limited government, personal responsibility, economic freedom, the military and police.' That's great.

ROOT: And they're all under attack. Every one of them.


ROOT: Name them one by one. They're all under a horrible, horrific attack the last 8 years and Hillary has said that she wants to be the third term of Obama so they'll continue under attack, horrific attack for the next four and they won't survive, I promise you. We won't survive. That's why I say it's Trump or it's the end of America.

BENNETT: Is that why you think the stakes are so dramatic?

ROOT: Yeah. I mean, look, all you have to do is look at California. I mean, I love California. I lived there 15 years. It's the most beautiful place on earth. There's nowhere else I'd rather live and I haven't lived there in 15 years because I can't live there because I can't afford the taxes, the regulations, the people are too liberal – they drive me crazy. It's ridiculous! And what happened in California—well, all they did, the model is so simple and it's the same model that liberals are using to ruin America. First they ruined California which used to be a very Republican conservative state. Ronald Reagan as the governor! And what they did was they opened the borders and they let tons and tons, millions of foreigners in illegally who all believed in socialism because they come from socialist cradle to grave welfare states and every one of them came to California expecting cradle to grave welfare checks and pretty soon the whole state was flooded with foreigners and they didn't have any of those values that I just named. They don't care about our military, our police, Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution. They especially don't care about capitalism. So they ruined the voting patterns of California so to this day no Republican can ever again be elected on a statewide basis. Never again in the history of California, you'll never see a Republican on the statewide basis unless they change their stripes and they say, 'I'm a Republican,' but they really are extremely liberal. That's the only way you can even possibly see a Republican maybe one time as an exception get elected statewide. That's what they're trying to do to America, Dawn, and if Hillary is elected you will never again see a Republican president in our lifetime which means forever. That's it! Because they're flooding the country with illegals and there's even a tape out today. It's a headline on the Drudge Report as we do this interview. They have an interview. It's not like anybody makes anything up. It's an interview with Barack Obama, it's on screen and Barack Obama is asked, 'If you're illegal and you vote can they come to your home and take you away and send you back to Mexico?' And Barack Obama says, 'No, there's no repercussions if you're illegal and you vote so I encourage you to go vote.' What?! This is how we've lost our country. We're allowing illegals to vote. No one is allowed to ask you for your ID but I, Wayne Root, who's been in this country 55 years, who's made millions of dollars, who's done millions of great things for the country, given millions to charity and built a beautiful family and my daughter graduated from Harvard and I own businesses and I'm a TV star and I write bestselling books—if I buy a $3 bottle of water at the airport the girl behind the counter asks me for my ID. This is insane! We've wrecked our country. And the single most important issue is voter ID and that's why Democrats make a big deal about it and say, 'Poor people can't be expected to get voter ID.' Really?! Well, they were all on ObamaCare and you can't get ObamaCare without voter ID. They were all on welfare. You can't get welfare without voter ID. You can't get food stamps without voter ID. There is nothing you can get from the government without photo ID issued by the United States government. That means every poor Democrat in America who votes that says, 'You're racist if you ask me for ID,' every one of them has a photo ID and they're demanding we don't use it because that's how they're stealing elections and that's how they're taking the country away from us.

BENNETT: All right. Wayne, I know that your argument largely centers around immigration and how Democrats seek to flood the country with new voters turning the country forever blue much like what you said has happened in California. But aren't there benefits to new workers and don't aspiring Americans potentially support the ideals embraced by conservatives?

ROOT: Sure. I do. I support legal immigration. I don't support illegal immigration. I support letting in all the people who want to come here who have the right pedigree, hopefully many of whom are educated, who agree the minute they get here they'll learn English, who should never be allowed to ever again vote in anything but English, who come here with no goal of getting welfare or food stamps. It's kind of like if you came home and someone had broken in your house and it was a family of four. Not only do they break into your house and they don't think they belong in jail and they expect you to help them stay here but they say, 'Sorry. Now that we broke into your house you are responsible for us financially for the rest of your life. You have to pay our legal bills. You have to pay for all our food. You have to pay for our cars and when my kids go to school you have to pay for it.' They're breaking into America illegally and then they expect us to pay for it and I've got all the facts laid out in my new book, Every White Male, and the facts are that of all groups who've ever come to America the group that takes the most welfare and the most entitlement checks and the most handouts is exactly what the liberal media has told you is not the group that does. 'They're the hardest working people in the world,' they tell you, 'and they are not hurting our country.' Of all the groups that have ever come here, Mexicans and Central Americans are the groups that take the highest amount of welfare. So they're breaking in and then they're demanding that we pay for them and that's why America is broke. That's why we're $20 trillion in debt and the average person, especially the average liberal, doesn't understand any of this so I'll make it very simple, Dawn. Because you have a financial education and literacy show I'll make it really simple. You make $30,000 a year. You get a $1,000,000 credit card credit line in the mail and you show it to your wife and you go, 'Honey, we're rich.' We're not rich! It's a credit card line. You owe it all back. You're going to be bankrupt. Your life is going to be ruined. You have no right to use any of that money and on $30,000 a year you can never pay it back. That's America. We're a debtor nation, horribly in debt. We are going to come to an end like Zimbabwe or the old Weimar Republic of Germany that turned into Nazi Germany. Name any country that ever went bankrupt. Greece has gone bankrupt 20 times. The Roman Empire went bankrupt. We are those countries. We're Zimbabwe times one million in size. It's going to be a very sad ending to a situation where whole world moves to your country and demands welfare. You can't! It doesn't work.

BENNETT: You're based out of Vegas and you've also written that you're betting on Trump to win. For the record, you've been saying this since before his recent surge in the polls. What's your current expectation?

ROOT: Well, as long as the election isn't rigged I think he's going to win. I mean, look, if you look at polls—there's two kinds of polls: there's ones that I don't believe in and there's ones that I believe are really accurate. The ones I don't believe and are completely rigged and fixed and they're made to kind of demoralize all of us who like Trump, they wanted us to believe that no one really likes him, no one believes in him, no one's voting for him and they oversample Democrats by like 30 percent and then they tell you Trump's losing by 6. Reuters is an example of that poll. Trump was winning the Reuters poll and they changed the demographics of it and suddenly he was losing by 6. Then he was losing by 9. The more Democrats you add to the poll, the more you lose. So they wanted to demoralize us. Now let me give you an example of a great poll as an example: Investor's Business Daily was the most accurate poll of 2012. It predicted the election exactly. It said Obama would win by 3.3 over Romney. He won by 3.3. That poll doesn't even start until two weeks ago. In other words, they're so smart they realize the election doesn't matter. You can't poll people so you get within three weeks or so of the election. That's when the voters pay attention. That poll, as of this morning, shows Trump winning by 1. So is it going to be close? Sure, it's probably going to be close. It's going to be a tough race but I think we're going to win. The LA Times/USC poll is even better in my opinion because most pollsters—here's how they do it: they call 500 or 1,000 random people out of 320 million of us and they expect that's accurate. And if they get—a week goes by and they call a different 500 and whatever that result is they tell you that's accurate. Well, how do you know the new 500 are the right representative of people that are actually going to the polls. The LA Times, Dawn, polls the same 3,000 people that they believe represent America exactly who are absolutely going to the polls and they poll the same 3,000 people for like 4 months in a row and each day they see if they changed their mind, where they stand. That poll as of today, which I believe is the last one, today's LA Times/USC poll: Trump up by 6, the most he's ever been up.

BENNETT: And that's an LA poll?

ROOT: No, it's a nationwide poll taken by LA Times. Nationwide poll: up by 6! Now, keep in mind he's been down 2, he's been down 3, he's been down 1; he's been up 1, so it changes on a daily basis. Today is the highest point he's ever been. Up 6! That tells you he's peaking into the election just like Ronald Reagan did in 1980 when he was down 8 with a week to go and everyone changed their mind at the same time in the last 7 days and he wound up winning in a 44 state landslide. So is Trump going to win in a 44 state landslide? I don't think so, because America's demographics are far worse than they were then. Way too many foreigners in this country and way too easy for foreigners to vote. So he won't win in a landslide but I do believe he will win.

BENNETT: So do you think that Trump is actually gaining support because this week and last week the FBI made a number of stunning announcements, one of which was that they're reopening its investigation into Hillary's secret server? The other is the FBI leaked details about its investigation into the Clinton Foundation and how it's more like a political group than it is a foundation. I mean, nobody even knew all this was still occurring. Do you think that Americans are actually seeing for the first time that maybe Hillary number one, is going to be treated like any other American being investigated for various federal crimes but also that this is going to influence late breaking voters.

ROOT: Well, I think it's having some effect but only to people who pay attention. It's still not major news. It's amazing! You know, as of this morning so many new things have come out. First of all, we found out in the latest WikiLeaks stuff that came out this morning that John Podesta and head of the Clinton Foundation, Doug Band discussed that Chelsea Clinton's a thief. They said 'She paid for her wedding out of our donations.'

BENNETT: Yeah, I heard that, and her life, and her lifestyle.

ROOT: Yeah, her life. Her whole life is funded by the Clinton Foundation. We've always known that. I've always known that. Forget her wedding. I believe they paid for her condo, a $6,000,000 condo in New York City, comes from the Clinton Foundation. These people bring in billions and they don't use it for charity. So does the average person know that? Probably not. We found out something much worse that's onethe cover of Fox News this morning. Hillary's classified and top secret e-mails—I'm laughing because it's so ludicrous you couldn't make it up in a movie, Dawn. They'd laugh me out of Hollywood if I wrote this in a fictional script. Her classified, her top secret e-mails from the president to the secretary of state and from all the other important people; head of the CIA and secretary of state – they were all going to a personal server in her closet and they were going to a fax machine too and she asked her Filipino maid to download them all, print them and give them to her. Her Filipino maid! Folks, I don't have to explain this. If you don't get it, you're not allowed to touch or see classified documents unless you're at the highest level in the history of the greatest country in world history and there's probably like a thousand people in the whole world who have that level, maybe there's a hundred, maybe there's ten. Whatever the number is it probably includes generals, admirals, five people to CIA, five other people to president, secretary of state. So maybe it's a hundred people in the world who are allowed to see them and Hillary was calling her Filipino maid who probably isn't even legal and saying, 'Do me a favor, honey, download that for me,' and they were in her hands. She could've handed them to the Russians, the Chinese. Anyone could have died or agents could have been murdered or plans to do this or that in the world could have been read by anyone in the world and undoubtedly they were. How anyone can vote for a woman that belongs in pinstripes and chains for the rest of her life for giving away state secrets and for handing them into a Filipino maid's hands is beyond my comprehension. Having said all of that, Dawn, none of that is the reason for the surge. None of it! The surge for Trump is about one thing: ObamaCare premiums going up 25 percent. The average American only understands their own pocketbook. That's all they understand.

BENNETT: Let me ask you a question, though. Talking about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, the guy who's behind it, actually came out last week and said Trump won't be allowed to win because Clinton and ISIS are funded by the same money. What do you think of that?

ROOT: Well, it scares me. And I do believe the election is rigged. Listen, you wouldn't believe in the last week how many liberal media have asked me the same question. 'Wayne, if it's Wednesday morning and Hillary's won, will you accept the election decision?' They want me to say yes and then they hold me as a 'Trump surrogate Wayne Root says 'Yes, we'll accept it.' And, of course, they asked that question to Donald, I'm sure in every interview. They want him to say yes and then there's nothing you can do. I said, 'I know the trick you're playing. You want to rig the election and you want us to say in advance before we know you rigged it, 'Yes we'll accept whatever the people vote,' and then after we've seen that you rigged it then we're stuck with our decision. That gives you carte blanche to steal and rig all you want. I won't say that. I will say if the election is fair and there isn't any rigging or stealing, if there isn't any extracurricular activities that are illegal I'll accept the election decision but I reserve the final answer to see if it was conducted fair.' And I know it's not.

BENNETT: Wayne, we're out of time. I want to thank you so much for your point of view. This was Wayne Allyn Root.

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