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DCM Is an Experienced Award-Winning Investment Partner


Dubai, UAE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2017 --In a world that is constantly changing and shifting, it can be a challenge to keep up with the news, current events, and politics, all of which can impact economics, filtering down to the overall performance of the stock market and shareholder investments.

Not only does DCM keep up with the news and current events surrounding politics and within the financial industry in order to guide investors and clients accordingly, they have also been able to maintain impressive rates of return and provide incredible results for clients. As a result, DCM has been recognized with numerous awards and has partnered with some of the biggest brands known today.

About Dubai Capital Management (DCM)
Dubai Capital Management (DCM) specializes in investment and portfolio management for small and large investors and businesses. DCM was established with the mission to help investors and businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries make better investment decisions so they can achieve their financial growth goals and live better lives.

During one of the greatest periods of financial turmoil in modern history, two former Swiss investment bankers decided it was time to build a new investment company based on the big idea to change the financial and investment banking industries for the better. In 2010, DCM was established in Dubai, India, which is where its headquarters are located today.

In an effort to set a new industry standard, DCM operates under a unique investment management philosophy that provides personalized, accessible, and alternative investment solutions. DCM also operates with a "hands-on" approach with their high-touch technology, around-the-clock support, and an extreme focus on wealth protection and asset growth.

Today, DCM is now known as a dynamic investment company serving the United States, Germany, and China, and over 400 clients all over the world, and with investments totaling over $250 million.

DCM in the News: Awards and Recognitions.

In today's digital age, news, current events, and stock market trends travel faster than ever. Not only is it important for the DCM team to stay up-to-date on these latest trends, they must stay ahead of the news and be proactive in order to better guide and serve their clients. DCM's hands-on and highly personalized approach to managing clients' investment accounts as well as their robust technology has gained worldwide acknowledgment and attention.

In 2014 and 2015 alone, DCM has been recognized and awarded for Best Customer Support, Most User-friendly Account Management, and Most Transparent Investment company in Asia. As a result, their biggest partners include Baker & McKenzie, Interactive Brokers, HSBC and DBS, just to name a few.

Real Investment Management Solutions in Real-Time.

The team at DCM believes that by providing clients with 24/7, around-the-clock access to their own investment accounts as well as access to an assigned account Investment Manager (IM), clients can make more informed investment decisions, powering them to see desired financial results. By helping clients to achieve their financial goals, DCM reaches their own goals.

To learn more about DCM's account management services or to receive detailed information about their investment products and solutions, email the team today. DCM also provides complimentary support and investment advice for all clients and prospective clients. Email queries are responded to within 24 hours.