Dubai Capital Management

DCM Offers a Low-Cost Investment Strategy

DCM was established with the mission to provide innovative investment solutions for investors that also yield high results.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2017 --Dubai Capital Management (DCM), a reputable and professional investment management company, understands clients' concerns regarding working with a firm that is trustworthy, that provides quality investment advice, and that abides by ethical investment management strategies.

The need to work with a firm that provides proper and effective investment and portfolio management advice is a top priority for clients. DCM has not only become a successful firm based on this mission, but also because of their commitment to provide clients with a low-cost investment strategy that doesn't involve charging commissions, transaction or trade fees or any administrative or management fees.

About Dubai Capital Management (DCM)
Dubai Capital Management (DCM) was established in 2010 by two former Swiss bankers who wanted to build a new company that provides high quality and reputable investment management advice and solutions for both small and large investors.

Although Dubai Capital Management (DCM) is still a young company, they have years of experience in providing quality and innovative alternative investment solutions for all investors, clients, and businesses. The ultimate goal and mission behind DCM was to change the industry and set a new standard of providing innovative and alternative investment management solutions that truly make a difference for investors.

Today, DCM has offices located in the United States, Germany, and China, and has over 30 employees across all locations. DCM also successfully manages more than 400 clients in over 36 countries all over the world, totaling to over $250 million in investments.

DCM Offers an Ultra-Low Cost Strategy

In addition to their solid business model and investment philosophy, DCM also doesn't believe in charging clients and investors excessive commissions and fees. Unlike some of their competitors, DCM also doesn't charge clients and investors transaction or trade fees. Rather, DCM purchases funds that do not have trading commissions or fees in order to avoid unfairly passing these fees along to clients.

DCM firmly believes in providing clients with the best possible investment management services and solutions by using this ultra-low cost structure and strategy to forward 90 percent and above of profits directly to investors.

An Investment Management Strategy that Makes a Difference

In a world that is driven by technology, data, and results, clients and investors want to partner with an investment company that they not only trust, but that also enables clients to see the full financial benefits from their investment efforts.

As a result, by partnering with DCM, clients not only gain a peace of mind knowing they have a team on their side that is truly interested in making a difference in their investments, but that also provides ongoing 24/7 service and support, and at affordable, honest rates.


To learn more about DCM's account management services or to schedule a quick, 15-minute initial investment consultation, call or email the team today. DCM also provides complimentary 24/7 investment management advice and support. Email queries are responded to within 24 hours.