Dubai Capital Management

DCM Partners with Well-Known Names in the Industry to Offer the Best Investments


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2017 --In today's day and age, businesses, clients, and investors alike are more cautious about their investments than ever. This means partnering with a reputable and proven investment management firm is crucial to yielding a higher return. Therefore, working with a firm that is also associated with some of the biggest names in the financial industry today should be a top priority for clients and investors.

Dubai Capital Management (DCM) is an investment management firm that specializes in managing investment accounts and portfolios on behalf of investors, clients, and businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries and scope. DCM offers investment management options, accounts, and funds for diversified portfolios, on-the-go access, and even competitive ROI, making them one of the most well-known investment management firms in the industry today.

Furthermore, DCM continues to win awards for exceptional customer service, support, and account management.

About Dubai Capital Management (DCM)
Dubai Capital Management (DCM) was established in Dubai in 2010. In less than a decade, the team at DCM has lived up to their vision and mission by making a positive impact in the lives of both small and large investors and businesses by helping them to make better investments that are proven to drive results.

DCM was founded based on the goal and mission to build an investment company that would set a new industry standard, making wealth protection and asset growth their primary focus.

In addition to being awarded for best customer support, exceptional customer service, and best account management in 2014 and 2015, DCM has become a global investment company with main offices located in the United States, Germany, and China, with more than 30 employees. DCM has a proven track record by managing more than $250 million for over 400 clients in more than 36 different countries.

An Award-Winning Investment Company

DCM has centered their focus around clients by providing them with an individualized and personalized experience. DCM's approach to client investment management is focused on delivering, not promising. It's important for clients and investors to see where their investments stand at any point, and the team at DCM provides clients with this experience and much more.

DCM strives to achieve the following goals for clients and investors:

- 3 percent average monthly return, a healthy and well-balanced return

- 136 percent accumulated ROI, an outstanding performance achieved under the safest market conditions

- 95 percent positive results, DCM funds are the most successful in the industry

DCM offers two different funds for clients, which include the DCM Elite and DCM Pro account options. These tools help clients manage their investments, portfolios, and funds, allowing them to easily see where their accounts stand at any time.

DCM's Proven Partnerships.

In addition to winning a number of awards for exceptional performance and customer support, DCM's reputation and mission is also backed by some of the biggest names in the financial industry, including Baker and McKenzie, ADIB, HSBC and DBS, just to name a few.

DCM offers clients the opportunity to work with a top-performing team of talented and professional investment managers who make themselves available to help clients and investors manage their accounts and to make better investment choices and to achieve financial goals and results.


To learn more about DCM's account management services or to receive detailed information about their investment products, email the team today. Email queries are responded to within 24 hours. Potential clients are also welcome to call or email DCM's offices located in the United States, Germany, and China.