Commission Express

Dealing with the Delay in Commission Payments

Washington, DC-based real estate agents are looking to boost their cash flow possibilities through innovative financing and bridge loans aimed at supporting their finances until their next commission check becomes available.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2015 --The growth of any business model is dependent on maintaining a positive cash flow, which is the lubricant that drives the wheels of that expansion according to everyone familiar with the subject from first year business students to seasoned CEOs at the helm of international economic juggernauts.

That being said however, some industries are more prone than others to experience cash flow restrictions, and the real estate arena is no different. This is particularly true among small business operations with just a few agents working under the roof.

A 2014 report from Entrepreneur Magazine notes trends that continue fourteen months later. Specifically speaking, when it comes to positive cash flow, two of the top twelve industries relate to the real estate industry. Land division, at the number one spot, tops the list in the post-2007 housing bubble crash as the housing sector starts to rebound. Additionally, coming in at the fourth spot, real estate related industries ranging from property managers to real estate appraisers.

Even with this built in stability however, the average agent and broker can experience significant out-of-pocket expenses as they wait for that last commission payment to be approved. It is for that reason that seasoned real estate professionals are looking to find ways to avoid a negative cash flow situation.

"When it comes to negative cash flow in a business, it almost never gets better on its own accord, so you always want to act at the first signs of a problem," said a Washington DC-based spokesperson for Commission Express.

With more than two decades of active service in the Washington DC real estate market, Commission Express provides cash flow solutions to real estate professionals who can't afford to wait around until that last commission fee clears before they start earning the next check.

As such, they feature an array of financial services to real estate agents, which allows them to practice responsible cash flow management skills that allows for an accurate projection of monthly income while inspiring the confidence to schedule marketing and advertising efforts. These financial services allow real estate professionals in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area the ability to control their cash flow as opposed to the lack of cash flows impacting their business moving forward.

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