Decentralized Application 'Crypto Sprites' Launches for Ethereum


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2018 --A new decentralized game Crypto Sprites has launched its first beta version on the Ethereum blockchain, which claims to be the first main third party extension of the popular Crypto Kitties game (originally launched in December 2017 and quickly gaining a major following). Crypto Sprites are various video game characters which are all tied to a Crypto Kitty, and by default all kittens in the Crypto Kitty game have a corresponding sprite. Sprites may be traded using Ether, the currency of Ethereum (no ordinary fiat currency is exchanged). At this stage the default value of each sprite is only 10% of the value of its corresponding kitty in Ether, and the value of a sprite in Ether is sent to the owner of its corresponding kitty when a sprite is purchased for the first time.

The primary Crypto Sprites solidity smart contract code is 400 lines long and has already been verified, allowing players with a technical understanding to verify how the game works. The Crypto Sprites contract is ERC721 compliant, which is suitable for non-fungible tokens that cannot be divided into smaller pieces, as is the case with sprites in this game. The smart contract generates sprite images randomly when they are traded for the first time and sprites remain that appearance forever. Users owning one or more sprites may call several various functions in the contract, including a function to allow another user the right to transfer ownership of the sprite, list the sprite for sale for a certain amount in Ether, remove the sprite from sale or feature the sprite (which displays the sprite in the featured section of the Crypto Sprites website).

The development team behind Crypto Sprites takes only a 1.5% cut in Ether of all sprite transactions, as well as a small fee of 0.01 Ether should a user wish to feature their sprite on the homepage. A further 1.5% of sprite sales go to Heifer International, a well established global charity (Heifer International is not affiliated with Crypto Sprites in any way).

While still in beta release and not officially launched, several transactions have already been made on the Crypto Sprites contract. Users are encouraged to experiment with the smart contract and try the game out in this first beta version, and report any errors if there are any. The address of the contract on the Ethereum mainnet is 0x4d7edd5f94515b0f35b38f6fb2ea975a20823465.