DecisionWise 360 Feedback Survey Now Available in Arabic


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2013 --Due to increased demand for leadership assessment tools in the Middle East, DecisionWise translated the Leadership Intelligence® 360 Feedback Survey for Business Leaders into Arabic. The Leadership Intelligence® 360 Feedback Survey is based on extensive research conducted by DecisionWise over a 14-year period from 1995 to 2009. It includes the 12 most-important leadership competencies and a special Derailer section to identify behaviors that undermine a leader's effectiveness.

The new Arabic survey version has been tested and validated for both grammar and cultural relevance. DecisionWise has translated 360 surveys into over 30 languages and works with clients in over 60 countries. This latest language version will provide additional resources for our partners in the Middle East to increase awareness and leadership accountability.

DecisionWise Director of Client Services, Kristin Chapman, who leads the customer-facing team of project managers stated, “We feel that providing services to Arabic-speaking countries further supports the growing need that exists in leadership development and organization development related services in the Arabic-speaking region of the world.”

The Leadership Intelligence® 360 Feedback Survey comes in versions for Executives, Business Leaders, Team Leaders, and Individual Contributors. Though all of these surveys use similar competencies, the survey items use more strategic language for senior leaders and more functional language for front-line leaders and individual contributors. The surveys have been used by thousands of leaders around the world and provide extensive benchmark comparisons.

When asked about the company's new Arabic offerings, DecisionWise Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Paul Warner, stated, "We work with many international organizations where many of their key and potential leaders want to complete a 360 Feedback survey with content in their preferred language. In the past decade, we have noticed a positive trend towards expanding proven leadership development tools (like 360 degree feedback) from corporate headquarters to all geographic sectors. The availability of a valid and effective 360 feedback survey in Arabic allows organizations to assess and develop an even greater number of leaders and professionals. Most important, this new tool opens the door to more robust benchmarking information with region-specific norms that give more culturally relevant comparisons."

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