DecisionWise Announces Employee Engagement Survey Online Reporting Tool


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2013 --Earlier this week, Provo, Utah-based consulting firm DecisionWise, Inc. announced the development of a new technology, designed to complement existing survey process offerings: the Leadership Intelligence® System (LIS). This new system will allow HR leaders and business managers to view employee engagement survey results in a myriad of additional ways in order to uncover hidden insights in the data.

The technology allows company HR and executive teams to interact with the results, providing drill-down analytics of large-scale survey data. Employee engagement survey results stored in LIS can be exported to typical business-use software, such as MS Excel, for additional analysis. Users are able to drill down to different levels in the organization based on predetermined permissions, sort results by various criteria, and see results dynamically to compare different demographic variables such as job function, tenure, and department.

“LIS will give our clients the ability to access their reports, drill into the data, and even build their own views into the data all over the Internet,” said DecisionWise CTO, Dave Haws. “Knowing the expected response from our clients, we have built our system using cloud and clustered technologies so that our system will scale as our clients’ needs grow. We are very excited to see their reactions as we move into the next testing phase of our development,” he continued.

The new system allows users to instantly find answers to questions such as

- Which managers have the highest and lowest overall scores from their direct reports?
- How do my scores compare to scores last year and to my industry benchmark?
- Which locations have the lowest scores for new employees?
- What are the questions that have the largest gaps in scores between departments?

While the ability to extract survey data through industry-leading surveys processes has been at the heart of DecisionWise’s survey capabilities for over a decade, LIS adds a completely new level of value to existing survey processes within an organization. According to DecisionWise Director of Consulting Services, Paul Warner, “the Leadership Intelligence® System provides clients with exactly what the name implies—intelligence. By giving our clients more access to their survey results they will be able to respond to emerging business issues, and have instant access to the most critical information. Most important, easy-to-access and easily understood business intelligence is more readily acted upon.”

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