DecisionWise Officially Releases Online Employee Engagement Survey and Reporting Tool


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2013 --Today, after extensive beta-testing with clients, management consulting firm DecisionWise, Inc. officially released its online employee engagement survey and reporting tool (the Leadership Intelligence® System) for client use. Today’s official release marks a milestone in the system’s development, a process that spans nearly two years of full-time collaboration.

“Releasing this system to our entire client base is a huge achievement for our team,” reports DecisionWise Director of Client Services, Kristin Chapman. “We developed the Leadership Intelligence® System in response to needs apparent in both our market and our client companies. Today, I’m proud to say our offerings far outperform any other online employee engagement survey and reporting tool we have seen.”

DecisionWise released its first employee engagement survey platform nearly two decades ago, establishing the firm as pioneer in the field of employee surveys and assessment. Significant revamps to that original system were made over the subsequent decade, which matched changes and new research findings related to employee engagement. Additional versions were then released annually for the past number of years. However, the Leadership Intelligence® System marks a completely new way of viewing and measuring employee engagement, according to DecisionWise.

When asked about strategic differences between the Leadership Intelligence® System and competing systems, DecisionWise Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Paul Warner, explained the system’s developmental process: “Our system stands out in a sea of other online employee survey tools because of its foundation. The system was developed around our core research and knowledge of organization development and industrial psychology. Our dedicated technology team worked closely with an expert team of assessment project managers, each with experience in myriad industries and a deep understanding of employee engagement and its effect on business metrics.”

DecisionWise continues to offer and promote free, public webinars that take participants on a tour of the Leadership Intelligence® System’s most critical features. To register for the next free webinar, please visit the following link:

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