DecisionWise Provides New Employee Engagement Training

Management consulting firm DecisionWise, Inc. has designed a global, one-day employee engagement training program for audiences ranging from entry-level employees to senior leaders.


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2013 --DecisionWise curriculum specialists have designed a new employee engagement training program focused on the company’s new research-based model of employee engagement: MAGIC.

“We’re thrilled to be offering a robust engagement training solution to our clients,” said Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Paul Warner. “Over the last year, we have been developing a comprehensive training curriculum. The program constitutes a one-day course, with a half-day session for all employees, and another half-day session for company managers,” Warner continued. “The training is highly interactive and draws on the experiences of participants to model the concepts. The material and training activities engage people in the learning process.”

The MAGIC framework, emphasized throughout the training program, is designed around five essential elements:

- Meaning—When one’s work has purpose beyond the job itself.
- Autonomy—The ability to control and shape one’s role and environment in a way that best uses one’s talents and preferences to produce optimal results.
- Growth—Developing; becoming better tomorrow than you are today, both professionally and personally.
- Impact—Causing and being a part of results; seeing positive and worthwhile outcomes of one’s efforts.
- Connection—A sense of belonging to something greater than oneself.

During the training workshop, employees and managers alike will learn about how to create each of these elements, in both their and others’ jobs.

“A manager’s impact on his or her employees’ levels of engagement is crucial,” stated Director of Client Services, Kristin Chapman, who is currently leading an in-depth statistical analysis project on the company’s database of 12.3 million engagement survey responses. “We’ve discovered a direct correlation between a manager’s level of engagement and the level of engagement of his or her direct reports,” continued Chapman. “This positive relationship shows that even though an individual’s level of engagement is largely based on personal choice, his or her manager’s level of engagement is also influential.”

Following up on Chapman’s remarks, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tracy Maylett, said, “We’ve created two distinct segments in the MAGIC training for a reason. We are helping employees discover how to be more personally engaged, while also guiding leaders towards understanding how their actions can ultimately be the deciding factor between full and lukewarm engagement in their teams.”

About DecisionWise, Inc.
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