DecisionWise Releases MAGIC Employee Engagement Model

After an in-depth analysis of over 12 million employee engagement survey responses, DecisionWise researchers developed a five-factor framework and model for measuring employee engagement.


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2013 --For nearly two decades, Provo, Utah-based management consulting firm DecisionWise, Inc. has measured and studied the levels of employee engagement in global organizations. As part of this study, DecisionWise researchers initiated a project to analyze aggregate employee survey responses for trends that positively correlate with reported levels of employee engagement.

The data-analysis project, led by Director of Consulting Services, Dr. Paul Warner, examined the 12.3 million most recent engagement survey responses. “Once we began analyzing the survey data, five common factors were brought to light,” said Warner. “As we continued our analysis, these same five correlative elements became even stronger.”

After 18 months of statistical and qualitative analysis, Warner’s team announced five essential elements of employee engagement:

- Meaning
- Autonomy
- Growth
- Impact
- Connection

The five elements (MAGIC) of employee engagement have been shared with DecisionWise clients, as well as in workshops across the US. “The reception has been phenomenal,” said Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tracy Maylett. “We routinely hear how these five elements resonate with people in any organization. While different organizations will foster different levels of each element—and while each individual requires different levels of each element to reach full personal engagement—we know that all five are required for true employee engagement to be present.”

Maylett described the research leading up to the formulation of the MAGIC model in a recent webinar. To view a recording of the one-hour webinar, click here. To register for an upcoming preview webinar of the MAGIC model and the related training program, please click here.

About DecisionWise, Inc.
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