DECO Cup Cools or Heats Its Contents in Less Than Five Seconds


Hamburg, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2019 --The DECO hot and cold cup is the ideal choice for drinking on the go. It can accommodate any liquid, from beverages to soups. What truly makes this device special, though, is that it can heat or cool those liquids in under five seconds. That means that when the user pours the drink or soup into the cup, it will be hot or cold in just seconds. This makes it great for camping or hiking, eating home-cooked meals at the office, grabbing a quick drink while out and about, and so many other opportunities.

This device is battery-powered, taking two AAA batteries. Even with regular usage, those tiny batteries can power the DECO cup for up to four months before needing to be replaced. The cup uses Tesla Technology to achieve this. Users can bring along the cup while traveling, even on long excursions; it will be powered up and ready to go for the duration of the trip.

The design is simple, with a sleek metallic exterior and black accents. There are two buttons: one each for hot and cold. They are color-coded red and blue for easy identification. The batteries slide easily into the base of the cup for quick, convenient installation. Buyers have the option to purchase a holder that enables them to mount the cup on a bicycle frame to hydrate while exercising.

To help bring the DECO cup to market, The DECO Invent Company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on October, 27th, to raise the necessary funds. Those who contribute to the campaign can get their own cup for just €25. Backers will receive the product as soon as it is ready for consumers and before the cup hits retail stores.