Publishes "The Other Sabu: A Hypothesis of Non-Compliance"

In a recent posting on the site asks, “What if Sabu never flipped, and for reasons still unclear, they are only providing the illusion that he has?”


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2014 --History was made on Tuesday in a NYC courtroom with the extra-lenient sentencing of notorious Anonymous hacker turned FBI Informant 'Sabu' otherwise known as Hector Xavier Monsegur. But, what if things are not what they appear to be?

When considering history in hindsight, the report states, things were rarely what they seemed at the time. Cybersecurity drama and events should be held in similar regard, as the game of smoke and mirrors has never been more applicable than within the globally distributed Internet and its 'security mechanisms'. The report asks readers to take a moment to consider the recent developments with the case and look at the sentencing from a different perspective.

It says that federal agents and LEAs across the globe have been known to bend the rules, outright lie, or falsify evidence to suit their best interest. Not in pursuit of truth nor justice, but instead in pursuit of 'winning' at whatever cost. Another subject entirely, the site says, it remains a fundamental pillar to this overall hypothesis..What if Sabu never flipped, and [for reasons still unclear] they are only providing the illusion that he has?

Virtually everything known about how these 'hacks' unfolded has been described only by Court Documents and MSM/Fox News opinion of those documents. When considering that the messaging is one sided, it becomes even more interesting when observing how hard the MSM and FBI have pushed this message, which is that 'Sabu turned informant on a dime’.

Judge Preska, being the wife of a hacked Stratfor client, was arguably conflicted from the start in Jeremy Hammond's case, the individual who allegedly hacked Stratfor at behest of Sabu and the FBI. Today, this same judge not only provided a lenient sentence on Hector, but offered a public and glowing praise of the effectiveness of his efforts in subsequent critical takedowns. The report suggests this tact is highly suspicious, as a 'real' thank you from a judge should be a sealed case, and witness protection. What the message actually sounded like was a backhanded compliment meaning 'thanks for nothing, and good luck with the death threats'. says, love him or hate him, Sabu isn't stupid. Certainly not, if he's capable of doing all of these things the government claims he can do. In that assumption, one would also assume he would outright demand protection, and probably future employment. What's the point of flipping on multiple high value targets, if the end result is a publicly announced 'time served' with release back into a furious community, hated and at minimum-wage forever? Finding a highly intelligent hacker that would agree to this, is incredibly unrealistic.

Taking an objective look at all the evidence, without bias, another theory can emerge so says the site. While it's not much, there are historical Tweets and leaked IRC conversations to keep in mind, that may tell another side of the story. In a final Twitter posting, Sabu calls out the FBI for 'being cowards, and not to give in'. Another post on the day before going dark, reminiscent of a yet-to-leak Snowden, Sabu describes invasive & illegal government spying, and hints that 'informants and corporate compliance' as the government's only real tools. Some would just say he's only playing the part. Others could say those tweets were a deliberate slap in the face, and evidence of non-compliance.

In those leaked IRC conversations, if believed are legitimate, outline some additional possibilities and variations to the actual events as we understand them.

The site says that readers can find that m45t3rs4d0w8 (aka Sanguinarious) brings up the false flag possibility, and they discuss the lies of FoxNews and how 'anons believe anything' and 'don't ask the right questions'. Later in the leaked record, its discussed how the MSM lied about how he was caught. It should be noted that alleged LulSec accomplice, JoePie91 also believes there are inconsistencies with the Sabu story, and how he was nabbed, as documented on his blog March 10, 2012 shortly after Sabu's public arrest.

The site uncovers in what could be most telling, it's m45t3rs4d0w8 not Sabu that then explains “regarding those things they 'said' you did” he noticed some court documentation doesn't make sense, has missing dates, and possibly falsified Witness and Defendant signatures. Sabu replies, “Good things to question, sadly no one is questioning like you are”.

Other final bits the report mentions would be Sabu's talk of return. “I cant wait until I’m sentenced so I can finally get the truth out”.

It also states that Journalism requires critical thinking in order to truly get the message across. It proposes the following critical unanswered questions:

Q. If Sabu is cooperating with such efficiency, why is gov't hanging him out to dry? No Witness Protection Offered nor Demanded? No Sealed Case (to Protect the Informant)?

Anyone else in Sabu’s shoes would likely have said “OK, you got me, I’ll cooperate. But you’re going to seal this case, and give me witness protection. Otherwise the public will crucify me”.

Q. Is there a chance that Sabu was apprehended, but the FBI simply used his alias to entrap Hammond / Davis / Ackroyd/ etc by themselves? What proof is there that Hector himself is responsible?

Q. Could the FBI have decided that publicly promoting Sabu as a crucial Anonymous Informant was a most effective way to 'make the FBI look good', whether true or not? If Sabu had not flipped, do we believe the FBI would admit this failure? Does the FBI have the will & means to falsify this into reality?

In conclusion, the report on states, opinion should still be out on whether Hector Xavier Monesgur deserves the landslide of lambasting. It says it would be wise to dig deeper, withhold some bias (to the incarcerated) and keep in mind...

“All warfare, is based on deception..” Sun Tzu

The site asks, “Who will be the first to interview Xavier, and ask these and likely more very important questions?”

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