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Defense Company Turns to Crowdfunding to Further Expansion

After remarkable performance and success, defense startup Detente, Inc., a provider of critical expeditionary services to the United States government, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $500,000 in debt through The proceeds of the campaign will be used to expand and grow the business in multiple areas.


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 --Contractor and private security activities have become a “mission essential” component of United States and coalition government activities both domestically and abroad. Without private contractors, gaps would quickly become apparent in government operations, where there is a lack in manpower, material resources and/or technical capabilities. In an unsafe world, corporations and non-government organizations are also increasingly turning to defense companies to provide security, training, medical assistance and other vital services. Detente, Inc. has quickly built a reputation of flawless performance, booking over $5 million in revenue in its first year (2013) with 7-figure trailing revenue to date. This week the company announced they are now seeking crowdfunding for $500,000 in debt, setting the stage for corporate expansion and growth.

“Whether it be with our current missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, or our upcoming work in Colombia, Detente's commitment to its customers and people, total quality and core values is unsurpassed,” commented Joel Bouckaert, President of the company. “This commitment has driven our exceptional growth, and we anticipate to exceed our projections through 2016 and beyond.”

In anticipation of the expansion, Detente, Inc. recently appointed an Advisory Board comprised of members proven in growing and steering companies in the defense industry up to $500 million per annum. In May and June, the company was awarded extensions on both of their expeditionary medical contracts. Over the coming months, they anticipate their further progress with a number of high value contracts. These pipeline items include up to $1 million in new business with the Colombian government; $1 million for a medical program based in Iraq in next month; and, an anticipated multimillions subcontract award this August for an expanded Iraq-based medical mission.

About Detente, Inc.
Detente, Inc. ( is well positioned in the defense industry given their reputation to commit agile high quality services at very competitive prices. With budgets becoming a rising concern, this makes the company an increasingly favorable option for government agencies, NGOs and private corporations.

Detente, Inc. is a promising as well undeniably attractive, wise investment for the crowdfunding community.

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