Degree Is the World's First Wearable in-Ear Thermometer for Children


Munich, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2017 --Degree, the world's first wearable in-ear thermometer that takes the temperature of children continuously, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Degree is a patent pending and medically recognized technology that will help parents monitor their child's temperature continuously at night. Using the connected app, parents can view and monitor their child's temperature on a curve to help them understand where the temperature is trending without disturbing them.

"We created degree because we had to witness a febrile seizure of our 3 year old daughter, Anne. A febrile seizure is triggered by fast changing body temperature," says Dr.-Ing Johannes Kreuzer, co-founder and CEO of cosinuss, on the inspiration behind the project. "This experience and the fact that approx. 30% of the children who already suffered from a febrile seizure will suffer from at least another one, made us think about using our existing technology to make a temperature monitor for children."

Degree takes a child's body temperature continuously from inside the ear and is wearable day and night during a fever. The connected app alarms parents by sending notifications to a smartphone, letting them know if their child's temperature is too high or rising too fast. Thanks to a realtime temperature curve, parents can continuously monitor their child's current condition. By using degree, parents can follow the effects of their treatment and make sure the child is safe, without having to wake them or interrupt their recovery during sleep.

Degree has been ergonomically designed for the best fit and field-treated to fit children's anatomy and skin. The soft surface ensures the device is comfortable for children and stays in place. It provides a stunning accuracy and is a medically approved measurement technology. It also is energy efficient, providing over 5 days of battery life and includes an on-the-go charging pod.

The degree app also includes a smart fever guide with a temperature curve that instantly and accurately tracks the trending fever. Through the app, parents can also keep a health record by adding symptoms, uploading photos, or taking personal notes to share with a medical professional and to assist the doctor in personalizing his diagnosis. There is also a fever guide which provides the latest medical research on the typical course of diseases. A medical map is also accessible to ensure where the nearest pharmacy is located and which doctor is on duty in the area.

"Parents should be enabled to see the body temperature continuously when their child has a temperature in order to be able to manage fever more relaxed and without stress. It´s a very comforting feeling to always see what´s actually going on inside your child´s little body," adds co-founder Greta Kreuzer. "Parents also see what effect a treatment had and can adjust if needed. Life is already hard enough but taking care of a sick child can be the worst and most stressful experience an adult has if there is no assistance at all."

Degree is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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