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Dekuma Launches Ideal Rubber Injection Machines for Car Window Seal


Dongguan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2020 --Nowadays, cars are one of the popular means of transportation that people often choose to get around. For car maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is the need to regularly change the oil, machinery, and other wear parts. Nevertheless, there is another crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the auto seal.

Auto seal in windows, sunroofs, trunks, and so on cannot only waterproof but also sound insulation and wind. Because of the uniqueness of these car parts, they require specialized rubber injection machines. In order to better achieve the sealing effect, Dekuma has released two ideal rubber injection machines for the car window seal.

Aiming to ensure the sealing quality, the rubber injection molding machine adopts advanced German technology to improve stability and reliability. The injection system allows complete separation of plasticizing and injection. In this way, the quality of such rubber injection can get the second safeguard. It can prevent the rubber after sealing is broken easily, saved the annoying trouble that often changes.

Additionally, Dekuma also puts a lot of effort into accuracy, which is the key to the car window seal. They achieve the ideal performance by adopted a servo motor pump and hydraulic control system. Compared with other rubber injection machines, their device's advantage lies in incredible precise injection accuracy and repeat injection accuracy.

On the one hand, the injection precision can avoid the raw material overflow in the sealing place, without rough edges. On the other hand, repeat injection accuracy reduces the impact of accidental error in batch sealing. These two characteristics are the key to guaranteeing the quality of car window sealing. Meanwhile, they prevent the need to reprocess the rough edges and worry about accidental errors.

Apart from outstanding professional performance, the rubber injection molding machine has other advantages. Its operability is worth mentioning as well. The lower platen of the device is fixed, while the upper platen's four columns can be moved. The low working platform also contributes to convenient operation. There is no need for users to be afraid of operational problems.

What's more, after all, as an irregular shape, the car window may be challenging to be sealed perfectly from some angles. Therefore, the clamping unit is designed with an accessible C-frame structure. It is easy to be operated on three sides. The FIFO vertical injection unit in the rubber injection machine enables the user to change the injection chamber material in a short time so as to increase the efficiency.

Besides, rubber injection machines from Dekuma are able to accommodate the cost concerns that users may consider. The output of the servo system is based on the pressure and flow required by the machine. Under equal proportional pressure and flow control, they consume only 60% of the electricity. This means of operation enables the machine energy efficiency, low operating cost, and noise to some extent.

In conclusion, rubber injection machines are a helpful assistant in car windows sealing with no doubts. It is incredibly suitable for the automotive glass packaging industry, especially for the overall TPV glass edge of large-sized car windows with precise injection volume. Its stability, accuracy, and operability are qualified to provide a remarkable user experience.

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