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Dekuma Successfully Tests the Newest Melt-Blown Fabric Machine


Dongguan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2020 --On May 19, 2020, the fourth generation of 800mm wide melt-blown nonwoven fabric production line jointly developed by Dekuma and Handway was successfully tested, presenting a surprise for the melt-blown nonwoven cloth industry. It is commented that a single layer of 25g/m2 melt-blown nonwoven cloth can be produced by this fourth generation of melt-blown nonwoven cloth equipment with particle filtration efficiency up to 99%.

The outbreak of COVID-19 this year has made masks a necessity. As the melt-blown nonwoven fabric is the key material to masks, it inevitably promotes the development of the melt-blown nonwovens industry. There is a saying that "only large-scale machines produce high-quality melt-blown nonwovens with high filtering efficiency". However, with the utilization of large-scale machines to produce melt-blown nonwoven fabric, the overall production line seems to be high-end, but there are deep adverse factors.

The biggest disadvantage of large-scale melt-blown nonwovens equipment for most of the enterprises is the high cost. At present, the delivery time of the melt-blown nonwovens equipment on the market is at least 90 days. In addition, the cost of the complete equipment is nearly a million dollars, which will be a great burden for those small enterprises.

Considering the installation and debugging of the equipment, the management of the production site, and the maintenance of the later equipment, a large number of investors who intend to invest in the production of the melt-blown nonwoven fabric are deterred.

Realizing the difficulties of these deep-seated aspects, Dekuma and Handway, with their hard research in innovative technology and manufacturing process, proved that the medium-sized machine could make high-quality and reliable melt-blown nonwoven cloth.

Dekuma and Handway insist on positioning in high-end products to create maximum benefits for users. The fourth generation of 800mm wide melt-blown nonwoven cloth production line jointly developed and launched by them has four advantages.

1.Technical support: as an enterprise with German technology, Dekuma relies on the platform of Hong Kong Listed Company Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited to ensure high precision and reliability of the equipment;

2.Sophisticated components: introducing sophisticated components from famous international brand to ensure the stability of the equipment;

3.Excellent performance: relying on years of machining experience and excellent accessories supply chain to gives full play to the performance;

4.Resource integration: collecting high-quality resources in the supply chain to integrate into a high-quality scheme.

Besides, not only the medium-sized melt-blown nonwoven production line launched by Dekuma and Handway covers the functions of that of the large-scale one, but it is superior to the large-scale one in terms of price, delivery time and machine debugging.

The medium-sized melt-blown nonwovens production line is favored by customers at home and abroad due to its advantages. Dekuma and Handway hope to integrate more advanced technology into the production line of melt-blown nonwoven cloth. They will also bring more efficient solutions for the melt-blown nonwoven cloth industries.

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