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Delightful Children's Book Zip Burp & Hula is Perfect Summertime Reading


Margate, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2008 -- Most of a child’s fondest memories happen now. It’s summertime, school is out, which gives kids hours and hours of time to play and do what they enjoy doing most. It’s also the perfect time to instill a love of reading. With no stress of school assignments, children can finally sit back and enjoy a good book. And one excellent choice is Zip, Burp, and Hula, with the newly released matching coloring book and paint by number book.

Zip, Burp and Hula is a wholesome children’s book, which sparks the imagination, is fun to read, and works to develop reading and coloring skills. The delightful 32-page educational tale helps children understand that it is sometimes hard to be yourself; but with the help of a few wonderful friends, it can be done. It’s beautifully illustrated and perfect for beginner readers at the 2nd grade level. The colorful pictures also make it the perfect bedtime story that kids will be asked to be read over and over again.

The story takes place when the main character, a Chameleon, tries to discover who he truly is. Many children will be able to relate to that same concept as they grow older and experience all the many challenges of childhood. Zip goes out on an adventure to discover himself and his purpose in life. He befriends a zippy dragonfly, a burping bullfrog, three dancing wasps, and a wise moth. The Chameleon looks to his loving friends and the adventures begin as together they search for the answers. You grow fond of the characters and children delight when Zip finally figures out a way to do what he was supposed to do and change colors. It also has a Christian theme, whereby they seek God’s support in facing these challenging movements.

Author, Cindy Johnston, has written several children’s books. Johnston had two books selected in the top four finalists in the Heartland Writer’s Conference in 2000, with Zip, Burp, and Hula awarded second place.

Zip Burp and Hula is published by Virtual Word Publishing, http://www.virtualwordpublishing and available at the publisher’s website, Amazon, and www.kidsbooksandmore. Discounts are available for schools, churches, etc. Plus, the holidays are right around the corner. Order early.

Kids today need more books with good inspirational messages and Christian values. Zip, Burp and Hula is just that book.