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Delta Classic Homes Is Offering a New Kind of Approach That Is Growing in Popularity

The idea of refacing actually comes from England, where nothing is ever torn down; It’s always reused and frequently for a new purpose.


Thornhill, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2019 --For years people have been putting new siding over old siding. Sometimes it was done to update the house and sometimes it was just done to improve it! Whatever the reason, refacing homes has been around for a very long time.

This is a practice that was not only done here, but has also been done in other countries, as well. The idea of refacing actually comes from England, where nothing is ever torn down; It's always reused and frequently for a new purpose. Because of this, many buildings would be refaced in order to better suit its new use. Even the well-known St. Paul's Cathedral in London has been refaced many times.

In Canada, refacing has also been a common practice for decades. One would think that there's nothing else that can be done in the area of refacing, but now Delta Classic Homes is offering a new kind of approach that is growing in popularity: stone refacing.

This new wave hitting Canadians involves a technique never tried before. In the past, it was always siding that would be replaced, but now Delta can put a new stone wall over your old one! The old wall doesn't have to be stone either, Delta Classic Homes can place stone over siding, as well! This process, sometimes referred to stone veneering, can give an entirely, chic, new look to your home.

Why stone refacing? It is a great way to give a new, enhanced quality to your home's appearance. It's not only a great way to improve the look of your home, but people have also been using it to increase the resale value of their house, also. In addition, homeowners who are selling their houses are using this new form of renovation to add "curb appeal" for any would-be buyers driving through the neighborhood or to "wow" them upon seeing the house for the first time.

There is also the prospect of wowing your neighbors. People who have had this stone refacing done are able to boast that they have the best looking house on the street, and others do take notice.

Delta Classic Homes is your premium choice as the experts in stone veneering because:

- They are committed to quality craftsmanship on every refacing

- Delta possesses a superior knowledge of this process

- They are a company committed to giving you low prices

- Delta Classic Homes guarantees that they will get your stone veneering done on budget and on time

- Delta has proven results in keeping costs under control

- They have professionals ready to aid you on both residential and commercial projects.

- Delta has nearly twenty-five years of experience

- Delta Classic Homes is focused on ensuring that you are satisfied with your stone refacing

About Delta Classic Homes
Delta Classic Homes was founded by AviNakash in 1993. Avi, himself has almost twenty-five years of experience in his field.