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Demolition Contractor Reveals Why Homeowners Are Removing Their Pools


Morgan Hill, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2019 --This week, Bay Area Pool Demolition, a swimming pool demolition contractor in Northern California, began an education campaign to share the top reasons why homeowners remove their swimming pools.

"A few years ago, the reasons were a little different," said a spokesperson for the company. "Removing your pool used to be a socially-conscious act, but that was during Calfornia's drought."

But thanks in part to heavy rainfall during the 2018-2019 winter, California is no longer in a state of drought. The Mercury News reported in early March 2019 that only 1% of the state is still in drought status. A year ago, it was 48%.

"It's not just our industry, either. Landscapers are installing less xeriscape, plumbers are installing fewer low-flow fixtures, and so on. The demand for water-saving solutions has cratered for now."

Instead, many Bay Area residents who remove their swimming pools have real estate in mind.

"Real estate has never been more expensive in the Bay Area. Potential buyers have come to see swimming pools as liabilities, money pits, and wastes of very expensive space."

The Bay Area's housing market has remained red hot for the last several years, with some specialists expecting even more demand once companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb issue IPOs over the next year. While cash buyers dominate much of this market, even many of the wealthiest buyers just don't want to deal with the added expenses and headaches of a swimming pool. This is especially true of real estate investors who are more likely to rent or flip a house than occupy it themselves.

But home sellers aren't the only people removing their pools. The next largest group ditching their swimming pools are older homeowners. Once homeowners reach their late 50s or 60s and the kids have grown up, says the representative, swimming pools don't get used enough to justify the expense.

"Take the annual cost of maintaining your swimming pool, divide it by the number of times you use it, and you'll probably be horrified. You might as well stay in a hotel for a couple of weekends and use their pool instead."

Other reasons for removing a swimming pool included the overall costs even with high usage, safety concerns among parents with small children, and an interest in using the space for other installations and activities.

"We've replaced swimming pools with putting greens, kitchens, gardens, vineyards, and so on. Almost anything makes more sense than a swimming pool."

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