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DenSureFit Offers Alternative to Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive


Vancouver, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2017 --There was once a somewhat popular thermoplastic denture adhesive on the marketplace that was discontinued a while back, and this created a void for people who liked to use it. The product was an improvement over the adhesive creams that come with a host of drawbacks. These would include an unsavory taste, continuous dripping down the throat, daily applications, and bedtime scraping.

Plus, the adhesives simply do not facilitate a firm fit in many cases, and they are prone to liquefication that can cause slippage. Many denture wearers preferred this thermoplastic denture adhesive, but it is no longer available, though there are imitation products out there.

DenSureFit is a brand new soft silicone denture reline kit that is getting a lot of attention within the dental community because they have developed an alternative to thermoplastic denture adhesives. They use a tasteless and odorless soft flexible silicone which uses suction to keep the denture stable instead of the traditional stickiness of adhesives. All of the negatives that go along with the utilization of adhesive creams are not present with this product.

One of the major advantages is the fact that a single application typically last for about three months. Plus, there is no tedious scraping every night. When removal is necessary, the silicone reline can be peeled out of the denture, and nothing sticks to the mouth or gums.

The convenience is definitely a plus, but in the end, performance is what counts. Soft-setting natural colored silicone is very easy on the gums, so the product creates a comfortable fit. However, the suction effect that is generated keeps the upper denture securely in place.

People who have used thermoplastic denture adhesives will definitely feel a sense of familiarity if they make the switch to the DenSureFit soft reline system. However, there are added benefits that come along with the utilization of silicone. This is one of the reasons why the material that is used by DenSureFit is the same exact silicone that many dentists use when they provide professional soft relines to their patients.

The company provides a high-quality medical-grade product, but the price is surprisingly affordable, so users get the best of both worlds. Many denture wearers who used to use adhesives were spending more money on adhesives in a three-month period than they now spend on DenSureFit. DenSureFit provides free shipping, and they place an emphasis on world-class customer service. All things considered, anyone who has used thermoplastic denture adhesives should certainly give the DenSureFit silicone soft reline kit a try.

About DenSureFit
DenSureFit offers a silicone denture reline kit that is the ideal alternative to thermoplastic denture adhesives.