Dental Marketing Agency Now Expanding Online Services

Our marketing agency is now offering a free video analysis.


Washington, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2018 --The dental marketing company has found that there are hundreds of terribly ranked dental websites in the United States. Unfortunately, there are far too many dentists that don't have a mobile responsive website and they are seriously lacking in the search engine ranking placements. Over the course of 11 years, the has continued to improve their internet marketing services.

Over more than a decade with working with local business owners the marketing agency has found that too many dentists don't have the major SEO factors in place. There are over 50 ranking factors that have to be done correctly in order to have top rankings in the search engines. Missing out on simple on-page factors such as missing title tags and H1 tags can have a drastic reduction in rankings and sales. While this is known among many SEO experts, there are still thousands of locally based websites that are missing this vital information on their website.

The marketing agency has found that by offering a free video analysis that they are able to highly educate dentists that don't know what to look for when it comes to online marketing. This has been for hundreds of websites over the years including the Wall St Dental Spa NYC. With a brief 1 hour overview of a website, they were able to fully analyze the various on-page and off-page ranking factors.

Some of the most basic ranking factors are missing even with dentists that have had a practice for years and years. Seeing website load speeds of over 8 seconds is unacceptable, but they see it happen all the time. The goal of the video analysis is to drastically educate companies on how they can improve their online presence, and thus increasing the monthly ROI. Various factors that can drastically increase sales includes optimizing your maps listing, implementing weekly blog posts, finding niche dental websites that link to client websites, creating call to action buttons that draw users in and creating content that engages readers.

Unfortunately, there are many firms that offer low quality services and only work on a contractual basis with their clients. The truth of the matter is, contracts are not needed and that is why using a month to month service is preferable for many local owners. If a business is happy with a service, naturally they will continue using the service. With more than 6,000 page one rankings, the company is confident that they will continue to be a leading marketing firm for dentists that can be relied on.

With more and more users turning to the online world to finding a locally based business, it is absolutely mandatory that businesses are showing up both organically and in the maps sections. By implementing various marketing techniques, businesses are able to receive more monthly patients. For locally based dental offices that have low rankings and a bad online presence, they are encouraged to use the free video audit tool that is available on the website.