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Dentist Dr. Richard Waghalter of Healthy Smiles of Houston Offers Industry's Latest Technology for Treating Periodontal Disease

Dr. Richard Waghalter in Bellaire, TX offers non-surgical gum treatment using laser technology


Bellaire, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2016 --Patients of Dr. Richard Waghalter in Bellaire, TX now have access to some of the latest technology available for the treatment of periodontal disease. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Waghalter has an extensive background with the use of laser technology for the non-surgical treatment of gum disease. With this technology, patients experience much less pain and drastically improved results when compared to traditional methods of treatment.

The soft tissue lasers Dr. Waghalter uses to treat his patients who have periodontal disease not only help with the efficiency of the process of infection removal, but they offer patients a myriad of other benefits as well. When compared to the traditional method of using a scalpel and sutures to remove and repair diseased gum tissue, soft lasers are able to do the same with much less discomfort for the patient. The light and heat energy from the laser remove infected gum tissue while also sterilizing the area and sealing the tissue to prevent excessive bleeding. These lasers also dramatically decrease the risk of cross infection that can occur with the traditional method of periodontal disease treatment.

Periodontal disease is a rampant, yet completely preventable disease that affects half of American adults, according to the CDC. In its earliest stages, periodontal disease begins as gingivitis which is caused by the lack of flossing. While many patients are aware of the importance of brushing their teeth to prevent cavities, many do not understand how vital caring for the gums is, as they are the foundation for teeth. In its advanced stages, periodontal disease can lead to the loss of permanent teeth as the bacteria and infection weakens the tissues and bones that hold the teeth in place.

In addition to the soft tissue lasers, Dr. Waghalter uses other cutting-edge treatments to help restore patient's oral health once the infected gum tissue has been removed. With the use of specialized enzymes, Dr. Waghalter's treatment is able to help heal periodontal pockets caused by periodontal disease, increasing the likelihood of preserving the patient's natural teeth even after periodontal disease.

Dr. Waghalter encourages all patients to seek regular check-ups and cleanings, in addition to incorporating regular flossing habits into their daily routine as the best way to prevent periodontal disease. Most symptoms of periodontal disease are not obvious to the patient, and Dr. Waghalter and his team recommend regular oral exams in order to detect periodontal disease as soon as possible.

About Dr. Richard Waghalter
Houston dentist Dr. Richard Waghalter is known as one of the most experienced dental professionals in the Bellaire area, with more than 40 decades in the industry. He is a respected leader in the subspecialties of periodontology and dental implants, having received countless awards and honors for his advances in new breakthrough methods, lectures, and articles. He is a member of the ADA, American Academy of Periodontology, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and several other professional organizations.

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