Paul M. Lanzisera DMD. P.C.

Dentist in Colorado Springs Offers Aesthetically Appealing Dentistry with Crowns and Bridgework

Dr. Paul Lanzisera helps Colorado Springs dental patients improve the health and appearance of their smiles with porcelain crowns and bridgework


Colorado Springs, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2016 --Colorado Springs Dentist Dr. Paul Lanzisera is helping patients find functional and aesthetic solutions to missing, broken, or badly decayed teeth with porcelain crown and bridgework. These services offer patients not only improved function of their smile, but also look completely natural. Dr. Lanzisera is proud to offer services like porcelain restorations that help patients not only have a healthy smile, but also one that they are proud to show off.

Traditionally, restorative dentistry like fillings and crowns were done with metal-like materials. While this material is effective and long-lasting, it often detracts from the patient's smile since the metal material is a stark contrast from the surrounding white teeth. Patients who are self-conscious of their metal dental work—whether they have large amalgam fillings or gold crowns—can find a more aesthetically pleasing option at Smiles, Inc. in Colorado Springs. Dr. Lanzisera uses high-grade porcelain to create crowns and bridges that effectively replace missing teeth, offer support to misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth, and fix functional chewing problems while still improving the appearance of patient's smiles.

Crowns are a common restorative option for teeth that have undergone a root canal due to extensive decay. However, Dr. Lanzisera also offers crowns for patients who already have large amalgam fillings that they feel detract from their smile. In this situation, these types of fillings can sometimes cause patients pain over time as small cracks develop in the teeth as a result of the filling. A porcelain crown not only improves the appearance of the tooth, but also restores its structure and function so it no longer causes pain.

For patients who have a missing permanent tooth due to injury, decay, or other health problems, Dr. Lanzisera offers porcelain bridgework that can replace the appearance and partial function of that missing tooth. This restorative treatment involves preparing the two teeth on either side of the gap to receive a crown that is connected to an artificial porcelain tooth that is designed to fill in the gap of the missing tooth. This treatment literally bridges the gap of the missing tooth, and in the case of a porcelain bridge, does so in a way that looks natural and blends in with the surrounding teeth. Dr. Lanzisera is an expert in designing porcelain restorations that blend seamlessly with the patient's existing teeth, and can create crowns and bridges that are the exact size, shape, and shade that will look completely natural with the patient's smile.

About Dr. Paul Lanzisera
Dr. Lanzisera is a graduate of Tufts Dental School of Medicine in Boston and has many years of experience as a dental professional. He is a member of the ADA, the Colorado Dental Association, the Colorado Springs Dental Society, and the Colorado Springs Dental Society Peer Review.

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