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Denver Chiropractor Encourages Proper Exercise to Improve Wellness

Parker Wellness Center provides guidance and instructions for proper, effective exercise that can improve health


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2014 --Dr. Jeff Parker of Parker Wellness Center in Denver has provided a breakdown of effective exercises that can be performed at home to improve overall wellness, and to increase the effectiveness of chiropractic and dietary therapies on the body. As a general rule, participation in regular physical activity is a crucial element for the optimal health of people of all ages. The reality is that many Americans, as much as 60%, don’t engage in the recommended minimum amount of physical activity. Sadly, as many as 25% of Americans don’t participate in any physical activity at all. Numerous studies have shown that basic levels of energy, or feeling energetic, increase when a person trains, exercises or engages in a sports activity on a regular basis. Ironically, the primary reason given by those who do not exercise is that they feel too tired, lacking the energy to do so.

Dr. Parker has provided a thorough guide consisting of exercises and training programs that can be performed in the home. These range in difficulty from beginner to intermediate levels, making it easy to start up or expand one’s home activity schedule. Resistance training refers to exercise with the use of resistance. Some people use free weights, nautilus equipment, or resistance bands. These methods improve the strength and tone of muscles, while improving bodily strength, health and fitness, and providing a cardiovascular workout as well. There are many types of simple resistance training and exercise activities that can be performed comfortably for people of all abilities.

Resistance training and regular exercise has been proven to improve cardiovascular health by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol), increasing HDL (good cholesterol), improving heart strength and increasing maximum oxygen uptake. General improvements include better emotional health and quality of life, reduction in anxiety and stress, and an increased sense of well-being and self-confidence. Disease prevention is enhanced by the improvement of the body’s immune responses, a reduction of fall injuries for seniors and increased likelihood of diabetes prevention. The weight management benefits are myriad and obvious, with loss of body fat reducing obesity-related diseases and disorders, and helping improve and extend life and health. Regular training improves physical performance, strength, speed and muscle tone. To learn more about the exercise regimen recommended by Dr. Parker, visit Parker Wellness Center online at