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Denver Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Menachof Shares Guidelines for Choosing a Qualified Surgeon for Rhinoplasty Procedures

Denver cosmetic surgeons explains criteria patients should look for in a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon


Greenwood Village, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2016 --Dr. Michael Menachof, expert facial plastic surgeon at Facial Surgery & Aesthetics Center in Denver, CO is helping patients learn more about how to choose a qualified plastic surgeon for their rhinoplasty procedure by sharing several guidelines they should pay attention to. The rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most difficult and complicated in the cosmetic surgery arena, and it's important that all patients understand what criteria to look for when choosing a qualified surgeon for their procedure.

The reason rhinoplasty procedures are so complex is because they involve five distinct pieces of cartilage, four different bones, and multiple muscular attachments, ligaments, soft tissue collections, and varying skin thickness. The relationship between all of these different factors change as the nose heals after surgery, and the end result must provide function for the patient as well as a desired aesthetic result that balances their other facial features.

Dr. Menachof emphasizes to patients everywhere who are considering a rhinoplasty procedure that although one may have the title of cosmetic surgeon, they may not be qualified to perform that particular procedure in a way that will provide the best outcome the patient is looking for. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon has done more than 1,000 procedures and truly understands the intricate details of the procedure and what it takes to produce a great result. Dr. Menachof stresses that patients should look carefully at before and after photos of procedures that the surgeon has done, paying attention to how the new nose looks in comparison to other facial features. Patients should also ask questions about function, such as nasal congestion or reduced air flow.

A rhinoplasty procedure can be a great solution for patients who have never liked the shape of their nose or do not like how the shape of their nose has changed with aging. It can also help correct the shape of a nose after it has been injured as well as correct ongoing nasal correction. Most patients who undergo a rhinoplasty procedure report feeling much more self-assured, more attractive, confident, worry-free, energized, and better rested.

About Dr. Menachof
With over two decades of experience as a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Menachof has personally performed more than 4,000 rhinoplasty procedures. He is known as one of the top facial plastic surgeons for facelift and rhinoplasty procedures in the Denver area and has been trained by nationally renowned facial plastic surgeons. He has been featured on a variety of TV newscasts and magazines, has been published in several medical and non-medical journals, and has received several awards for his expert work as a facial plastic surgeon.

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