Depressed and Angry Man with Terrible Past Gets a Second Chance at Adulthood in Edgy Indie Manga


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2017 --Korean American comic writer and author Andrew Burger will be bringing manga aficionados a tale of a man who plays a cryptic game and finds himself in an alternate world in which he is once again 18 years old. With this precious but questionable second chance, he sets on a quest for redemption, but it is a realm of magic and mystery.

Burger is the founder of UJU Comics, an enterprise that he hopes will allow him to fulfill his deepest dreams. Crimson Hunter: Portal to Hibanoki, Volume 1 will be the inaugural publication of this indie company and promises to be a riveting and thrilling journey into the recesses of the guilty mind and the search for spiritual salvation.

Heavily influenced by the Marvel and DC Comics universes, as well as series like Dragonball Z and Naruto, Burger has said that artistically, his Crimson Hunter series will be a mix of comic book and manga/anime styles. Burger graduated from college with a degree in Computer Graphics Technology, focusing on 3D animation.

Burger currently is crowdfunding for resources with which to hire graphic artists and concept artists to complete Crimson Hunter: Portal to Hibanoki, Volume 1. His Indiegogo campaign has a number of reward tiers that will allow backers to acquire copies of the finished manga and paraphernalia. Additionally, Burger plans to create a visual novel version of Crimson Hunter: Portal to Hibanoki, Volume 1 on his YouTube channel. Burger says that the visual novel will incorporate constructive criticism that Crimson Hunter gets, as well as new ideas, so it will not be exactly the same as the comic.

The Crimson Hunter campaign can be found on Indiegogo, at

About Andrew Burger
Andrew Burger is the founder of UJU Comics! who served for a time in the military and is returning to civilian life. Apart from being a comic writer and comic artist, he is a 3D animator, 3D modeler, 3D rigger, graphic designer, amateur actor, and content creator with his own YouTube channel, where he has uploaded a number of Crimson Hunter-related videos. The channel, under the name of UjuMaster Comics, has thousands of subscribers, and has had more than 4.9 million views.

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