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Deputy's Adventures with Bat Masterson Spices Western History


Lincoln, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2018 --Jack "Applejack" Martin never dreamed of becoming anything more than a hired hand when he left his parent's hardscrabble ranch, nor could he have anticipated that saving the life of a noted killer would prepare him to become a deputy to Marshal Bat Masterson. Applejack finds in his relationship with Masterson, his friendship with a ubiquitous priest, his love of a beautiful seƱorita from a wealthy family, and the loathing and hostility of the girl's father, that people and challenges are not always what they seem. It is life itself that tests the mettle of a man.

Applejack & Bat Masterson: TRINIDAD'S LAW isn't just about one man's perception of Western America: it also reveals authentic people, news, and events that took place in Southern Colorado in 1882, when gun-slinging marshals like Masterson and Earp were instrumental in bringing order to lawless towns . Against this backdrop, it presents a rollicking adventure story that breaths life and fire into the worlds of townsfolk and frontier men alike.

Western novels typically appeal primarily to genre fans, but Applejack & Bat Masterson: TRINIDAD'S LAW moves a cut above the norm by including a healthy dose of real American history.

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Advance Praise for
Applejack & Bat Masterson: TRINIDAD'S LAW

Fans of Western fiction who want a good story of a young man's coming of age and hard-learned lessons in the rugged West will relish the dialogue, encounters, and perspectives of Applejack& Bat Masterson: Trinidad's Law. His chance encounter with gambler Bat Masterson early in the story leads to a gruff friendship that fosters his growth process as Applejack becomes associated with a savvy marshal whose choices sweep Applejack into conflict, confrontation, and even love.

Readers seeking a rollicking good read backed by real-life events of the wild West, but peppered with solid action and characterization that bring these facts to life, will find Applejack& Bat Masterson: Trinidad's Law a powerful saga that adds depth and insight to a story of criminal and legal forces and a young man's coming of age in a frontier world only beginning to reconcile lawlessness with authority figures. -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review