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Design Sprint School Launches Online Boot Camp Where Leaders Learn to Innovate and Design Services


Silicon Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2017 --Fresh from Silicon Valley, the Design Sprint School Bootcamp is a game changing four weeks program for organizational leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to brush-off their product and service development skills. It is the natural evolution of the on site training boot camp the company has delivered for more than two years.

The Design Sprint School curriculum aims to empower people with a solid mix of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile, including user research, ideation, and prototyping techniques. The program, which is currently heading to its third class, is capturing the attention of fortune 500 corporations and start-ups worldwide.

Chris Wheeldon, alum and innovation center lead of a Fortune 500 company, says, "It's invaluable to know how to lead a team through a sprint. Students are paired up with a classmate who gives feedback and role-plays the customer throughout the course. Along the way, you'll also get insights into the history of design methods, how designers approach problems, and real-life examples of design thinking in action."

The school covers the two most popular Design Sprint methodologies in the market, Google Ventures Sprint, and the M.V.S (Minimum Valuable Service) model. According to co-founder Tenny Pinheiro: "We crafted a program that dodges the online education cliches and inefficiencies. The Design Sprint School is a high-intensity learning experience focused on skill building. It propels non-designer students to master the preparation and execution of Design Sprints."

"It's the answer to the need for taking design thinking for the 99%. In this service economy, where thousands of products are being dematerialized into services, everyone needs the skills to craft experiences. Everyone is a designer, a maker." adds co-founder, Ed Ceballos.

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About Tenny Pinheiro
Tenny is a serial entrepreneur, designer and the author of four books on Design Thinking and Service Design. He was the founder and, during five years, the CEO of the Latam studio of live|work, the British pioneer Service Design agency. He is a permanent columnist at the influential American design blog Core77. Tenny is a pioneer worldwide in devising bridges to integrate Agile Entrepreneurship and Service Design and is considered a top global leader and influencer in the fields of Service Design, Service Innovation and Design Thinking.

About Ed Ceballos
The co-founder of the Design Sprint School, Ed Ceballos is also the CEO and co-founder of & Additionally, Ceballos has founded and led a global innovation initiative within Cisco to kick start grassroots innovation, where he coached dozens of startups both inside and outside that company. Ed has also joined several startups and Fortune 500 companies, turning his experience into thought leadership for Entrepreneurship as a management skill.

About Design Sprint School
Based in Silicon Valley, California, Design Sprint School is an online boot camp where students learn the skills and tools needed to plan and execute Design Sprints. Students receive a certification and join an ever-growing global community of Design Sprint Masters.

Ed Ceballos
Growth Catalyst & Co-founder, Design Sprint School


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