Maggie Modena

Designer Maggie Modena Introduces the World's Most Stylish Dog Backpack

Live on Kickstarter, Dog Packs represent a category in canine products- stylish dog backpacks.


Madison, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2015 --Renowned Backpack and Textile Designer Maggie Modena has introduced Dog Packs, a stylish and functional dog harness backpack, and is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to bring the project to life.

Maggie Modena has pioneered a new category in canine products: stylish dog back- packs. Dog Packs originally started as a fun break from designing her line of regular handbags and backpacks when on a whim she created a smaller version for her dog.

"It's pretty funny I remember putting it on her for the first time and just couldn't stop laughing, says Maggie about her pug Rhea, "she looked like she was going on an adventure." After a trip around the capital square in Madison, Wisconsin, Modena received a positive reaction and knew she was on to something.

Dog Packs are truly the world's first stylish dog backpacks. Helper style saddle bags for dogs have been around for years, but Modena's Dog Packs more closely mimic the style and function of human backpacks, giving them their special 'Wow, that's adorable' factor.

The Dog Pack doubles as a harness backpack. Simply clip the leash to the back of the bag like a collar or harness and the dog is ready for their walk. Dogs can 'pack' their own treats, doggy bags, water, hoodies, and toys. The Dog Pack is perfect for giving dogs their own sense of responsibility and feeling of 'contributing to the pack.' They are quite literally, carrying their own load.

The Dog Pack is currently available in 3 sizes- Extra Small (perfect for Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles), Small (Pugs and Jack Russel Terriers), and Medium (Beagles, Border Collies, and English Bulldogs). Exact measurements are available on the Kickstarter campaign page. All bags are designed and manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Dog Pack starts at $35 and is now available for purchase on Kickstarter.

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About Maggie Modena
After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and working for brands such as Nicole Miller, Franco Sarto, and Lucky Brand, Maggie Welsh launched her digitally printed handbag and backpack line in February, 2015. Since then, Maggie has sold through her 'human' lines and has launched her dog backpack line.

Being an owner of two small dogs (a pug and french bulldog), it was a sort break from the serious- ness of fashion. Maggie made one for her pug, took her on a walk, and couldn't believe the amount of positive feedback she got. She knew then that it was something she would pursue. After several months of using the bag and prototyping, Maggie realized that she loved the function equally as she loved the look of the bag. About 6 months later, Maggie launched her dog backpack line on Kickstarter.