Designer Sooz Chirino Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Stylish Clothing Aimed to Save Lives

SanSooz is an upcoming line of stylish clothing designed to save people’s lives. Designer Sooz Chirino is looking to raise £200,000 for the launch of SanSooz.


Aberdeen, Scotland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2016 --Sooz Chirino, the founder of SanSooz, was moved by the deaths and injuries to pedestrians and cyclists just because the drivers couldn't see them. As per the latest statistics, five thousand children under the age of sixteen die or are seriously hurt on the roads of Britain every year. The list of casualties also includes teenagers, cyclists, adults, joggers, and even pet animals. Moreover, the pedestrian fatality rate becomes three times higher during the nights.

Sooz Chirino claims that SanSooz will offer a long-term, viable solution to this serious crisis. This new clothing line utilizes a technology called SAN that incorporates colored, shaped reflective elements into the fabric design. As a result, the fabric becomes highly reflective whenever it is subjected to direct source of light such as car headlight. Sooz Chirino wants to apply this technology to a wide range of products to safeguard the children, adults, cyclists, runners, or pets.

The stylish, comfortable products from SanSooz will be windproof, water resistant, and breathable. The reflective materials used in these products are compliant with the EN471 standards. This standard refers to enhanced visibility during the night or twilight.

SanSooz has already designed their products and created the prototypes. They have also conducted a market research that has indicated excellent prospect for their products. Now, their next step is to meet the manufacturer's minimum order quantity. With this goal, Sooz Chirino has recently started a crowdfunding campaign via The funding target of this campaign is £200,000.

SanSooz operates under the guidance and support from British Gateway/Elevator, Scottish Enterprise, Scotland Development International, ICASS, Scottish Chamber of Commerce, Cultural Enterprise Office, Interface, and the Scottish Mountain Biking Association. Their crowdfunding initiative has already been supported by Angus Council, and assisted by Aberdeen Council, and Aberdeenshire Council.

Recommending the SanSooz products, Angus Council's Business Manager (Funding, Policy, & Projects) Economical Development Shelly Hague states, "The products are great; they will be a great success with adults and kids alike."

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About SanSooz
SanSooz is an upcoming line of stylish clothing designed to save pedestrians and cyclists from accidents caused by the lack of visibility. By incorporating colored, shaped reflective elements into the fabric design, these products function as a reflective surface when subjected to direct source of light.