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Despite Its Age, the 2000 Citation Excel Remains a Popular Citation for Private Jet Owners


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2020 --The 200 Citation Excel remains a popular private aircraft choice for private jet owners. Despite its age of 20 years, private jet owners turn to the 2000 Citation Excel as their preferred citation jet for sale on the market.

Citation jets for sale have been a common choice for private jet buyers due to their sustainable avionic systems and sleek design. Despite being manufactured two decades ago, private jet buyers continue to choose this Citation jet for sale over newer models with updated technologies. Amongst the most attractive features of the 2000 Citation Excel are its characteristics and high-performance features.

The 2000 Citation Excel is a sleek looking private aircraft built for a crew of two and up to 9 passengers and up to 7,400 pounds of cargo in total. With a 52.5-foot cabin, this Citation jet is larger than many other private jet models, making it ideal for spacious travel, and moderate to large private crew sizes. With leather seating, club chairs, and monitor systems, not only are these jets prepared to take on the sky but do it with style.

The performance features of the 2000 Citation Excel include cruise speeds of 441 kn or 507 mph, of true airspeed. With a range of 1,858 nmi and climb rates of 3,500 ft/min, pilots can reach moderate altitudes and cruise smoothly for a pleasant ride. Equipped with Honeywell avionics, passengers and crew enjoy sustainable avionics that lasts for years to come.

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