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Destin Florida Spring Break Sees Increase in Families

Beaches are full of families of all ages.


Miramar Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2018 --Over the years, Destin has been known as a vacation spot for all to come and enjoy. From the numerous golf courses to the water parks, there's something that attracts all ages to Destin. Numerous watersports also have people flocking to the beach during the warm seasons of the year. Although Destin has been a vacation hotspot for many, the weeks of Spring break tend to call forth more college students and partiers than any other time in the calendar year.

The warm weather hanging on to the white sands and emerald shores draws in college students from all across the country to enjoy, and when they decide to pool money in to come together, they come without the supervision of parents. This encourages bad behavior, resulting in overpopulation on the beaches, underage drinking, parties, and other mishaps happening. The police work extra hard to ensure everyone has a safe vacation, the spring breakers, the average vacationers, and residents of the area, but the task can be overwhelming with the number of spring breakers that have visited over the last few years.

That is changing, however. Destin has seen a plummet in the amount of college spring breakers that come vacation here, resulting in a more mild environment. Over the past few years, Destin has seen a steady decline in the amount of college spring breakers, and inversely, seen an increase in the number of families that are vacationing in Destin. While Spring of 2017 saw a large amount of college spring breakers, Spring of 2018 saw a huge decrease in spring breakers, and families with children actually vastly outnumbered the amount of college spring breakers in this vacation town. With the fewer college student partiers in Destin, the calmer the area has been, in both music, activities, and in crime. Less than half of the number of underage drinking arrests last year were made this year, resulting in a more family-friendly vacation hub.

The Destin area is known to have some huge vacation homes that typically get the title "party homes" from the spring breakers that stay in them. However, these "party homes" has seen a recent shift in becoming family vacation homes- families are now the ones renting out the large homes and are not throwing wild parties during their stay. Massive vacation homes, much like Family Traditions, a vacation home on 30A that sleeps 28 people that is featured on My Vacation Haven, are hosting families of all sizes, making Destin their primary destination for vacation, and changing the stigma that Destin is a party town for spring break partiers, and making Destin a family-friendly vacation hub for all to enjoy.