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Destination Cuenca - A Monthly Event at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood, announces "Destination Cuenca" - a monthly event featured the third Saturday of every month at their location in Hollywood, FL


Hollywood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2016 --Family owned and operated cigar shop, Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood, announced today the recommencement of Destination Cuenca, a monthly event they feature the third Saturday of every month. Resuming this winter season, the event brings with it plenty of entertainment and will feature the sounds of the world renowned Oriente Band's live music.

Destination Cuenca is a collaboration with the Hollywood Artwalk, an event the City of Hollywood also currently sponsors the third Saturday of every month. Cuenca Cigars joining the festivities adds culture and flare to an already successful event. Cuenca Cigar's sidewalk patio will set the stage for Destination Cuenca. A full house of relaxed patrons and cigar aficionados all enjoying fine cigars and toe-tapping live tunes is expected. Additionally, each month Destination Cuenca will feature a different cigar manufacturer who will showcase their newest and top-selling lines of cigars. Lastly, Destination Cuenca will include a wine tasting throughout the evening.

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood officials expect this event to be a very successful one. Destination Cuenca will be another great reason for people to visit Downtown Hollywood, FL. "The plan is for our customers to make a Hollywood, FL the destination for the entire evening. A great number of patrons already come to the Downtown Hollywood, FL area for casual and fine dining. It's definitely a hotspot. Now our goal is to have people continue their evening by walking over to Destination Cuenca. After visiting any of the plethora of local dining spots, we are the perfect next-stop for sure." said Ana Cuenca, store owner and cigar enthusiast.

This cigar shop and lounge is not your typical "man cave" cigar store where people grab a cigar to take home to smoke. They cater to everyone who enjoys great live music and a night out on the town. On any given night at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood one can spot groups of men, women and couples all enjoying themselves thoroughly. It's a destination experience everyone must experience for themselves. Destination Cuenca should be marked in everyone calendar as a don't miss affair.

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood offers a wide variety of domestic and imported pilsners, ales and ciders and their wine selection is second to none. Their shelves are often stocked with bottles of wine from around the world including California, Italy, Chile, Spain and Australia. Wine can be ordered by-the-bottle or by-the-glass. You can see what to expect in Cigar Selection by visiting their online store.

About Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood
The store and lounge have been a destination for many for nearly ten years. Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood will soon be celebrating their 10-year anniversary. The success of this location is based on the true relationships the owners have with their clientele coupled with their massive humidor selection of the world's finest cigars. The family that owns and operates Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood is hands-on and their commitment to their local and seasonal patrons is priority number one. When people visit Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood they feel at home and instantly become regulars.

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