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Detensor Non-Invasive Back Treatment Celebrates a Milestone with Nearly 40 Years of Success

Distributed by Avazo Co, the non-invasive back treatment system Detensor celebrates 38-years in the marketplace with applause from physicians and therapists for its ability to provide relief for those suffering from lower back pain.


Warminster, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2016 --Noted for its ability to curb the debilitating effects of back pain, the Detensor Spinal Decompression Therapy Device celebrates nearly four decades of success in its industry. Delivered with regularity to an ever increasing group of established chiropractors, neuropathic doctors, sports doctors, and physiotherapists who report a phenomenal success rate, the Detensor Method provides pain relief - some say, permanently. Beneficial for a wide section of the marketplace, the method's price is certainly right. Cost per sitting with the device can be as low as $.06. Marrying cost-effectiveness to treating the root cause of the pain, and the product's designer Prof. DR. HC. D.A.M., and Spinal Consultant Leonhard Kurt Kienlein is certainly on to something.

Dr. Kienlein said of the way in which the spinal traction at home back treatment works,"We've seen tremendous success with the Detensor Method because firstly, it consists of a traction bed system and a therapy mat for intensive traction treatment. The traction bed system automatically develops approximately 5% to 10% stretch force as a result of the redirected weight of the body while using the product. At first, the system was designed to stretch the spinal column only but, the passing years revealed additional positive effects. Because the product continuously involves the ribs, they thereby produce not only traction force but also lead to an active massage of the connective tissue. You may ask why that's important. It's important because it supports and maintains inherent body rhythms. This improves the biomechanics, increases lung volumes, and controls inter-organic information and allows for deeper sleep. This is just a short list of the benefits of lumbar home treatment."

So how does the Detensor work? Simply, it involves stretching the spine via a traction mat and cervical device. This is done with the goal of relieving back pain and/or leg pain. The best news of all is, reports say there are no known negative side effects for using spinal disc decompression at home. To that end, many scientific works about the Detensor Method have been done reflecting more than 160 scientific articles have been published regarding spinal inter-vertebral disc decompression.

Heralding this good news, VeronicaM. Sauter, Ph.D., D.A.M. said of the Detensor Method, "This simple and well-designed system offers a gentle, non-invasive treatment to alleviate acute pain due to injury or long-standing spinal misalignment issues. I myself have experienced rapid relief from chronic low back pain thanks to the DetensorTM and would recommend it without reservation."

"As a natural healthcare practitioner, I have used the DetensorTM Mat System with excellent results for individuals with back pain. These cases have all been low back pain," added MCL Primary Care Physician, Dr. Michael C. Luciano.

Besides winning the faith of physicians and therapists, this back therapy device is also a success with eCommerce sellers of certified therapy devices. Dependable, the Detensor Method offers considerable profit margins as well. Detensor Spinal Decompression Therapy device is now available for online purchase.

For more information about the Detensor Method or to purchase the Detensor Spinal Decompression Therapy Traction Mat visit https://avazo.com/buy-online/detensor/traction-mat/.

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